A New Bedroom Fit for a Princess

I’m currently in the process of trying to redecorate my daughter’s bedroom. It’s been a long overhaul to say the least! Before the remodel my three year old had a hot pink accent wall which really overpowered the entire room. I thought it was a good idea to paint the wall this color when I decorated the room with Disney princesses, but it really limited any future designs.

So there’s the before… and after! Here’s how I transformed the room (thus far).


So with a new plain white comforter from Target that I got on sale for $79.99 in January, I got the bug to re-vamp the rest of her room to match! I purchased a green, blue and rose argyle rug from www.capeldealers.com for $138. Yeah, it’s kind of a stretch for me to spend this much on one piece, but I knew I really wanted to base the room these colors so I splurged!

I finally got around to painting the hot pink wall light blue to match the other three walls. I have plans to do a damask stencil design but the overall blue walls is a big change thus far! I put a green glider from her old nursery in the corner with a pink accent pillow to bring out the rose color in the new rug. I’d really like to find a desk to refurbish for that area, but until then this is a perfect place to read her favorite books!

I also purchased a mirror from Pier 1 Imports on clearance for $20. It was an off white so I painted it green to match the chair, then sanded it down to give it a rustic feel. While I was there, I picked up a green damask pillow on clearance for $17 for her bed.

Next I found some silver shadow boxes on clearance from Michaels ($32 for 4 total) and lined them with scrapbooking paper to match the decor in her room (only $8 for the paper!). I also used multi-colored scrapbook paper to cover the wall letters from her former nursery and give them an up-to-date look.


Ah, the transformation is almost complete. I know her light and breezy color scheme doesn’t really go with the rest of my house, but I love it! Just waiting to get my large damask wall stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to get delivered so I can finish her walls. Keep checking back to see how it turns out!



  1. melissa alder says

    this is a beutiful room. i am wanting to update my daughters room to give her a more grown up look. she’s seven but her room still has a little tikes toy box and a little table and chairs. i’m taking those items out and updating her room with a more slimline dresser or vanity and maybe those clear stackable storage drawers for her closet to keep her little odds and ends in. i’m also going to make her a stylish chalkboard for her wall so she can still play school or write cute messages on it. love your color scheme too. my little girls walls are a light blue with all white furniture. i made her a muliti colored rag quilt for her bed to give the room a bright pop of color. i’m also gonna find a second hand chair to put in there also. her room is small so i have to use scaled down furniture. thanks for more inspriration to do my daughters room.

  2. melissa alder says

    well Erin maybe I will post some pics for you to see. it’s not quite ready yet. we just installed a wood stove and my husband is putting a rock wall up behind it. we have a long way to go. we added a 30×36 addition for bedrooms because when i met and married my husband this house only had three bedrooms. i have five children with three of them still at home with me. so as you can imagine we needed more room. the kitchen is really old and the floor is nasty. cant wait to get rid of that. we are putting in an old bathroom complete with clawfoot tub mixed with some modern fixtures. i like shabby, country chic. if that’s a style? lol. anyhow i will be coming back to your site for lots of ideas in helping me with our house. i will post pics as soon as i can. thank you again for the inspiration :)

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