Clean House: Organizing My Hall Linen Closet

Well, I had a new craft project that I was going to finish last night but I forgot an essential piece at work, bummer! My hubby had school so I decided to make myself useful and do something around the house: organize the hall linen closet.

Yes, it’s my nemesis at the end of the hallway. And I can’t believe I’m about to reveal the mess!

I know, I know… it’s a wreck. Time to empty it all out and start over from scratch.

OK, just as a warning, I never promised all of my posts would be interesting, ha! I just watch shows like Hoarders and have to purge every so often. Plus writing about it gives me motivation to do more around the house!

I started by putting the most important items back into the linen closet. First up… guest towels and pool towels.

Next I lined up my purse collection. I really don’t have too many so I had enough room to line them along the bottom shelf (plus I trashed a couple that were old and tattered).

Some of the main items I store in the hall linen closet besides towels are crafts and art supplies. A couple of months ago I purchased a large gift basket filled with kid activities at an auction, including jewelry beads, sock puppets, a rock painting kit and paper bag puppets. My daughter and I have “Craft Sunday” while Daddy is working so we’ve really made a dent in our collection recently. At least I have an organized space now to store all of our goodies so we can find things in a jiffy!

I used the top shelf to store our family photo albums and the humidifier.

I repurposed some old white plastic bins to store some blankets and electronics on the floor of the closet.

Dang, I sure did collect a lot of trash while cleaning out this closet! I must admit, it feels so good to PURGE.

OK, the final reveal. Yeah, I bet you can hardly contain your excitement, HA!

I feel like the hour I spent cleaning out my hall linen closet was completely worth it. I didn’t do any special baskets or buckets; I just used what I had on hand for a short-notice organizational makeover. Clean life = happy wife!

Again, I warned you that this was a boring post! I’ll be back again tomorrow with something A LITTLE more interesting… maybe :)


  1. says

    It feels so good to get organized, doesn’t it?! I have a hall closet that is in desperate need of fixing up too (athough mine required paint and some TLC). I keep putting it off and shoving more things in there…lol!
    Great job!

    evie @ brown paper packages

  2. says

    Hoarders and seeing posts like this motivate me to clean spaces out and purge too. I love that you used what you had on hand and that it only took you an hour. Good job!

  3. says

    You should see my hall closet. It’s REALLY embarrassing! No organization whatsoever, and it’s a little hoarder-esque. I like to make the excuse that we have limited space in our apt. so I have to squeeze everything that doesn’t have a place into that small space. My roommate loves me :) ha!

  4. says

    Hi Erin. I am a VERY organized person, except for my two linen closets. They started out gorgeous and over the past couple of years I’ve accumulated more and more craft stuff and not really had a good place to put it. I REALLY need to do a good purge on them. Thanks for the inspiration!! It looks great. =)

    ~ Catie

  5. Robin says

    Honestly this post helped out alot! I have a closet like this, well filled with things like this. It has no shelf system and it just boxes stacked on each other. This gave me inspiration for my hall closet, and probably even my daughters closet which is even more packed!!!
    Love you blog!

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