Drab to Fab: Fabric Covered Lamp Shade

Last week I posted about my Home Goals for 2012. The first thing I really want to tackle on my list? Start introducing more of my eclectic style in my traditional great room, which means a POP of color and some funky pieces.

I recently added new lamps to my master bedroom and wanted to incorporate them into my great room…with a little makeover to turn them from drab to fab! Yeah, the lamp shades were quite boring before.

My new color scheme is going to have a lot of browns, peacock blue and red (I have to work with what I got and those two red accent chairs are in great condition!). I went through my stock of fabric and found this bold red swirly pattern. Perfect!

Let me just say… lamp shades can be tricky to cover! To help me figure out the best way to cut my fabric, I created a pattern template out of butcher paper. Much easier this way!! OH, I made sure I cut the fabric with about an extra 1/2 inch on each side to leave room for user error!

Once my fabric was cut I used my hot glue gun to adhere it to the lamp shade on the top and bottom edges. I folded over the end of the fabric for a nice seam on the back side of the shade.

I used a pair of scissors to trim away the excess fabric.

Then I lined the top and bottom edges with 2 yards fancy cording I purchased from JoAnn’s Fabrics for only $1.50 total!

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And that’s it! Don’t you LOVE how the fabric perfectly matches the swirls of the lamp? Yeah, totally not on purpose. I actually didn’t even notice how well they went together when I first picked out the fabric :) DOH, sometimes I just don’t know if I’m awake or dreaming.

OH, and I’ll have the rest of my revamped Great Room coming soon. See the pop of blue in the pillows? Yep, adding some hints of that throughout the room. So excited for the changes coming ahead!!


  1. says

    I attempted to cover a lamp shade for work not too long ago and it was a disaster! haha Mistake number one was that I didn’t create a pattern. Oops!

    Yours turned out great! Love that fabric!

    • howtonestforless says

      Haha!! The pattern was definitely a life saver! I couldn’t get the material straight otherwise and everything just looked off-kilter!

  2. says

    That looks Great! This is yet another project that I have to try after I recover from the disappointment of creating my own stencil! That was no easy project :-)

  3. says

    Love this tut. I have a yard sale lamp in my basement begging for a total make-over, including the shade. Thanks for posting such a clear tutorial. (I saw your post on Making the World Cuter)

  4. says

    Beautiful. I really love that fabric, and it does perfectly match the lamp. I have been wanting to do this, but I never really knew how to do it and I didn’t realize it could be this easy. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    My grandma recently moved in with family, and when we went through her things, I got a few lamps and shades because we had just bought our first home. The lamp shades are a harvest orange, dark greens, and browns, and my husband says they remind him of camouflage. Not really a good look for our home. they also have beads hanging down, so I’ve planned to redo them but didn’t have a clue where to start. Thanks for the ideas, I am pinning this so I can get to it and have cuter lamps!

  6. says

    Visiting for Home Stories From A2Z-Oh my goodness! You did such a fabulous job! I have been wanting to do this-now I can see how easy it is. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Love the colors!
    Come visit my blog anytime.

  7. says

    I might just have to try that, I have a couple lamps that are in dire needs of a new shade, but those shades can be so expensive, I think I can just cover the current shades to save some money, thanks for the inspiration! I found you via the Homemade Projects link party.

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