Fabric Ruffled Valentine’s Day Wreath {From Directions Not Included}

This week I’m hosting a Valentine’s Day Series with 8 different guest bloggers ready to share creative crafts, home decor and recipes! New posts will be at 5am and 3pm Monday through Thursday, with a wonderful round up of my favorite Valentine’s Day projects on Friday. HOPE YOU ENJOY! Next up: Anna from Directions Not Included!
Hi everyone! I’m Anna from Directions Not Included. I’m so happy that Erin asked me to be here today so share a Valentine’s Day craft with you. 
I made a fabric wreath last month for a baby shower with the intention of making it simple enough that I could repurpose it for different holidays. Here is what it looks like now, all ready for Valentine’s Day.

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And this is what is looked like for the baby shower I hosted.
I used a bleached muslin I purchased on sale a while ago to make these. Besides the fabric and the wreath form, I used quilting pins, my rotary cutter and a plastic measuring guide for cutting my fabric.
I used the guide and the rotary cutter to cut 3 inch squares out. It doesn’t have to be perfect and I actually liked the fraying that happened from cutting the fabric haphazardly. 

Once you cut out your mountain of squares, you want to pinch and fold them so the bottom becomes a point and the tops look something like this. Again, this doesn’t have to be perfect. You’ll like the visual variety it gives if not all of them are absolutely identical. 

Once you have your square folded up, use a quilting pin to get ready to attach it to the foam wreath form.

Here is a close up with the arrow pointing to the quilting pin on the wreath. Just start arranging them close together to fill up your form. I found it easier to fill in sections little by little until I reached the desired fullness.  

Don’t think you need to completely cover the foam either. You’ll notice in the picture on the right below, there is foam showing but when you fluff up the fabric on the left, no one will ever know.

You can easily use anything you want to decorate the wreath. Since we are getting ready for Valentine’s Day, I bought some adorable felt hearts with button and embroidery embellishments. I simply pinned them around the wreath for an easy switch. 

Erin, thanks again for having me! I hope you all enjoyed my visit. Stop on by and visit me at Directions Not Included whenever you get a chance. 



Thank you SO MUCH Anna for sharing this adorable Valentine’s Day wrreath! I appreciate you being a part of my series. You can find Anna on Facebook or on their blog daily at www.DirectionsNotIncluded.blogspot.com.


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    Hi Anna! Found your blog through Home Savvy A to Z (blog hop). This is my first visit here and I’m so glad I found you. I’ve become your newest follower and hope to see you over at my place soon.
    Have a nice day, Olga

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