Craft Room Updates: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Well I just realized that I haven’t shown you my craft room in awhile. I think the last thing you saw was my stenciled yellow wall back in November and a couple of minor projects here and there.

So, why haven’t you seen much from this room? Probably cause I hate it. Ok, ok… hate is a strong word. More like disappointed. Let me show you some (ok, a lot of) pics and then I’ll do some explaining.

I really wish I had a wide angle lens to show you more at once (or a cool video pan of the room). Although this room is only 10×10 feet so there’s not too much to show!

Again, don’t judge me on the current state. I have given up on this room…

OK, so here’s my sewing table corner of the room.

I painted this desk last month with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I really am in love with this piece. One main problem though is where to place it in the room. Since it opens up to unveil the sewing machine, I need to have the wall space to open the large left hand board. I don’t sew though (yet), so isn’t this table pointless for now?

One thing I was missing in this room was storage space. There is a large closet, but that is out of the question as my hubby needs a place to park his clothes (yep, I have taken over the entire master bedroom closet). So last week I pulled up this old kitchen buffet from my basement. It needs some love, but I need some inspiration first.

For now I just have some paints and my pencil cups hanging out on top of the old buffet.

I also purchased the new little shelving cart below from Goodwill. It was a dark brown but I primed it last weekend. It’s not staying in this room; I just needed a place to store some supplies for now.

I really love this old chippy fence that I purchased from an antique store last fall. It adds a little bit of texture and eye candy.

So see… distressed antiques and a glam stenciled wall. Doesn’t seem to go together! And it’s hard to pick complimentary colors to bright yellow (especially when the color of this room changes every hour with the sunlight, too!).

Now for a recap…

OK, I’m the first person in the world that will admit I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to interior design. I have glorious ideas in my head, but then things get mushed. I see something I like and want to incorporate it into my design, but then things get too eclectic.

Um… did you notice there’s no real workspace?!

If I’m going to have an entire room dedicated to crafts and my blog, it BETTER BE FUNCTIONAL! As of now, every time I get on my computer to write a post or need to create a new project, I move into the dining room. URGH. I really need a large surface to spread out and create! Plus it’s impossible to photograph anything in the current craft room. The yellow bounces off the walls like CRAZY! 

And I first put that black leather chair in this room since I wanted my hubby or little girl to hang out in there with me while I’m working. If I take it out of this room, I really have nowhere else to put it (and I’d hate to see it go!).

Well, here’s some ideas I have running through my head…

  • Paint the walls a soothing color (something that will help photograph my projects better)
  • Choose a color palette before I start the redesign
  • Make a mood board with my paint, textiles and furniture ideas to see if they all fit together
  • Maybe move the old beat-up dining room table to the craft room (if it will fit)?
  • Get the new dining room table I’ve been dreaming of from World Market (hee hee)
  • Pick a design style and stick to it!

So, what are YOUR thoughts on the space? Do you have any ideas??


  1. says

    When you first blogged about this room I loved the stencilled wall and I like the style your have in your first photograph. I think that you have mixed a few styles in this room and that’s why you aren’t blogging or creating in this room. You seem to have some a few different styles in the room e.g. country, shabby chic, vintage and a few modern twists.
    I’m liking the the gate but I’m also loving the dark wood table. I’d re-paint the room, this will help you photograph your projects and it’ll help create the style you want. You can then add yellow and the stencil design on cushions, curtains and other accessories.

    I hope that helps. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  2. Julie says

    Love the color and stencil-how about a nice built in maybe even in a L shape you need storage and a place to work-I would ditch all the furniture in the room and start over none of it is really working well if you do a great built in with cabinets and drawers you can actually plan your space. List the activities you do in the space and how much space you need to do those and fold down table that you can pop up to spread fabric on cut patterns paint etc would be a nice addition-try to move hubbies clothes somewhere else or share your master. Plan for your computer, printer, silhoutte or whatever types of things you use and enjoy-use wall space for more than art for one thing it will cove a lot of the yellow since your style isn’t obvious to me I would keep my furnishings classic add fun hardware-make all your accessory pieces fun with yellow hot pinks are gorgeous and bright orange or classic blue and white with yellow nice too. Why have a hue dark chair it doesn’t work at all find a lovely adorable piece you adore-maybe a french country chair or a chair with like three fabrics mixed think fun and creative cause this is your space to create. A cute rug would be nice and greenery lovely too

  3. says

    I think you did a fab job on the wall stencil!!! Maybe if the color was a bit warmer? I would still love to see that stencil on the wall tho, so that would mean re-stenciling it, and I’m sure you have unlimited amounts of time to stencil your walls {teasing}. I think it would be great to add lots of workspace by doing a long desk or countertop, I think that a dining room table would eat up the center space in the room. Countertop can get pretty spendy and look sort of industrial, I just recentally used an 18 inch door as a desk {damaged section for 5.00, only problem is hinges are missing}, covered it with fun fabric and use plexi glass as the surface, that way you can change out the fabric, or add inspirational things underneath, consider using multiple to get lots of workspace? I think some closed storage would be wonderful too, love to display stuff but can get overwhelming in smaller spaces. Maybe go thru your closet and make room for hubby? Then you would have an entire closet to fill with shelving and lots of organized bins to keep everything together. A rug would be fab in the middle, it would sort of ground the room, and add some fun pops of color. I like the idea of making some bookshelves “built in”, it’s amazing what some crown can do!!! And I agree, a chair is a must have for hubby/kids/or if you want to sit down and thumb thru a magazine or something. I’m excited to hear what direction your going to go!!! Have fun with colors, do your own thing, it’s your space and you gotta love it!! I can’t wait to see it, I’m sure you will do an amazing job!!!

    • Julie says

      Can’t imagine a warmer color than yellow-that is pretty warm-You have so much time in the walls I would use them myself-Dream about what you love and jump on pintrest tons of inspiration there

  4. says

    Lucky you to have a craft room to speak of! We have the man cave and then my things are on shelves in the garage because to tell you the truth I have so much that if I attempted to use that room for my crafts there would be no room for his computer and the guest bed. I’m glad we changed it into the man cave/ guest room. Having shelves in the garage is fine for me! This keeps me from starting too many projects at once and not finishing anything. I bring up the items I need and work on the project at the kitchen table or living room table and then put everything back down in the garage. Utilize your walls for shelves. That would be my one tip for you!

  5. says

    I think the room is a gorgeously decorated room, I do agree however that’s it’s not a very functional workroom.. I’m in the process of cleaning mine…I’ll have to post some pics to my blog next week to show you… For workspace … do you have an Ikea close to you ? I have a great workspace that fits my sewing machine and still have any area for craft as well (although I usually am doing one or the other) and I have a separate desk for the computer and printer.. I took the doors off my closet and hubby made that all shelves for storing supplies etc. I am lucky enough that the room is big enough it also holds 2 floor to ceiling bookcases I got at Ikea as well to hold supplies etc… I still need to use my living room floor to lay out a quilt top or my kitchen table to cut out big pieces of fabric… but mostly it’s all contained in my workroom/office space…my walls are a very light whiteish grey….the color is called Quietude from Behr and I have darker grey trim.. so it keeps the room brighter I think.. I have a guest room that’s yellow and I know that color really makes everything else look yellow too. It’s about the same size as your room.. Whatever you decide so long as you’re making it yours and you love it… that’s all that matters….


  6. says

    I like the idea of the desk that also stores the sewing machine, but if you need a larger workspace, you may have to ditch it. I would also agree to repaint the walls- I am not in love with that color! But no matter what you do, inspiration boards are a great way to get started! Best of luck!

  7. says

    Erin, you’ve been given lots is great suggestions. I actually love the stenciled walls. If it were me, I’d ditch all the tiny furniture and get a couple of larger pieces that would be multi-functional. As far as photographing…look at this fab idea from Diane @in my own style.
    And for some more craft room inspiration, look at this drool worthy one from Desiree at 36th Ave. Happy Easter! :)

  8. erica r. says

    Love the look of the stenciling on the walls. The color is not bad either. Why not try some board and batten to help break it up?

  9. says

    I love the stencil and I think that your room space is really workable too! Yellows are funny and can be difficult to work with, I just repainted over a yellow room (my daughters old bedroom ) to create what is to be my new craft room. I just could never tell what color paper I was working with in a yellow room. I would recommend a paint with a primer in one like the Behr from Home Depot as that eliminates a step.
    An L-shaped desk would be a good idea or you might also go with another option for storage is a straigt desk with built in shelves. There is one that can be made with a hollow door and small book shelves purchased from a local big box hardware store or anyware, I’m sure the tutorial can be found on pinterest.. One creative gal doubled the size just by adding a door panel and two additional shelf units. Then it can be painted to any color you want to match your room. Cheap too!

  10. TiffanyAnderson says

    So I just found a wonderful craft table at pottery barn , and then found a pin on pinterest on how to make it:) if you want to follow me on there e link is under dream home. Also, the table has plenty of storage and I think would replace some of your existing furniture. It would give the room a nice flow:)

  11. Julie says

    So many great suggestions love the bead board Idea I used that in a small bathroom it looked three times larger-can’t wait to see what you choose to do also the paints with primer are fabulous and Behr is great

  12. Katie says

    I love the yellow! And I will be using the same stencil in my Master… thank you for the stencil tips.
    As for changes to your room – you have done great work to incorporate many ideas, and I get that the yellow bounces. Possibly add your dark table back in and since you aren’t sewing yet – set the fun sewing table into another area or put it back to back with a supply cupboard & possibly bring in more dark & balance the contemporary with shabby chic? And remember to do what you can to keep your work chair facing away from a corne – maybe put at angle where dark E Z chair is so you can look outside & out the door into hall. (good feng shui too!)
    My plan is to use same stencil with a light dove grey – sorry, color name isn’t on my tongue – and to intermingle yellow other ways… fabrics, etc. ( you could grab flannel backed grey vinyl fabric cloth (I’ve done this – found at Walmart!) to cover the top of your dark work table to protect dark smooth surface as well as bring in a different color to break up the yellow.
    Possibly you can as well – yellow pillows & throw for dark chair, a work table chair in yellow and so on.
    Here’s a neat tip – kitchens work well when in a triangle type zoning – I’ve follow this with my office & craft room too – maybe try the same here – where you have your craft supplies in easy reach of work surface it might feel better & dark E Z chair is farthest away as it is an accessory of the room then.
    And yes, like many things, you have to play with the layout before it feels right!
    I compliment you on what you’ve done – keep going!

    • says

      WOW, thanks for all the wonderful tips Katie!! You’re right about playing around with the layout until it feels right. I just have to keep plugging along! Good luck with your stencil. I hope you send me a pic when you’re done!

  13. Kat says

    Lovely. Can you tell me a little about your sewing table? I’m currently looking for an affordable option. Yours is magnificent and would work really well. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Emily says

    Get to old doors and put them on saw horses, or similar to use as a work space on the chippy fence wall, it will be a long flat work sconce and you could put storage above it or under it.

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