Mini Canvas Photo Art

When my May Whimseybox arrived, I first gravitated towards the mini canvas. I’ve never worked with one of these puppies before but had the perfect project in mind.

I gathered my supplies and got to work:

  • (1) mini canvas
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Ribbon
  • Large circle jewelry pendant
  • Photo printout for pendant
  • Embellishments (tags, flowers, washi tape, etc)
  • Glue

The first thing I did was cover my mini canvas with scrapbook paper. I wrapped it just like a present since I wanted clean edges.

I also wanted a multi-layer collage look and feel so I played around with some different scrapbook paper and washi tape. Once I had the desired look, I glued it to the top front of the wrapped canvas.

Next I prepared my circle pendant. I purchased these awhile back from Michael’s in the jewelry department (just like the ones I used for my Vintage Custom Necklaces).

I printed out one of my favorite photos of my daughter to size, trimmed it out, glued it inside the pendant, and then covered it with the clear sticker that came with the kit. Oh, and I snipped off the little chain loop with a pair of pliers!

I then glued my embellishments to the front of the box. Luckily all these little things I already had stashed in my craft drawer. Gotta love that!

I added a pretty pink ribbon to the back for hanging and that’s it!
I put this in my daughter’s bedroom for now, but wouldn’t it make a great gift?

I’ll have another project from my May Whimseybox coming soon!

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  1. JennieD says

    This is a really cute idea! I imagine this design could also be implemented for the larger sizes of canvas as well. The items used on a larger canvas would also have to be a bit larger as well. Something like this would look cute in my younger granddaughter’s bedroom [she’s 4], but I don’t know about my oldest granddaughter [she’s 16]. This would make a cute Mother’s Day gift as well! Thanks for sharing! :)

      • JennieD says

        Hi Erin! Thanks for responding and a belated “Happy Mother’s Day” to you. Hope you had a nice one!
        I had to put my computer in the shop to get “Carbonite” installed on my system & finally got my unit back today. Anyway, I should have asked this before in my previous post ~ how did you go about “shrinking” the photos of your daughter to use in the round pendant you had made for your ‘mini canvas art’? Since I still have to get my daughter a late Mother’s Day gift also, I thought of making a larger canvas size, maybe a 8 x 10 inch or a 12 x 12 inch ~ undecided at this time. On your mini canvas, you totally covered it with the scrapbook paper, but on a larger size, would you also cover the outside edges? I’ve done other canvas art projects for my daughter and the kid’s rooms ~ which they loved ~ so when I saw this project, thought it might be a good one. We, her fiance & kids, actually spent Mother’s Day at Disneyland [Anaheim, CA]. Another question comes to mind, if some of your “followers” make a project similar to yours ~ how do we go about posting a photo of it? Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you again when time permits. :)

      • says

        Hey Jennie. I used Photoshop to change my image size. I’m sure you could use any photo adjusting software. I’ve heard is wonderful (and free!). For wrapping the canvas… Yes, I would still wrap a larger size. I like the finished edges. I would just suggest to use more than one piece of scrapbook paper.

        Oh, and if you want to post a photo about it, you can either post it directly to my Facebook page or email it to me and I’ll blast it everywhere!! Good luck. Can’t wait to see it :)

  2. says

    What a great idea!! I love this “Whimseybox”…I am heading on over to check it out. Your blog is so cute with great ideas too! I like to call myself a DIY wannabe too! I am now following your blog, as well as, on Bloglovin’. Visiting from the Spring Fling with The SITS girls…looking forward to seeing more of your ideas in the future!

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