How to Incorporate DIY Projects into Your Child’s Bedroom

Since I like to create a lot of things that I incorporate into my everyday living space, today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite projects from my daughter’s bedroom makeover.

One of the very first things I did to her new room was add a silver metallic stencil to the back accent wall. This was an easy project since it’s just paint, and it adds some great focus to the room!
I also made sure to add some texture and eye candy, like this Anthropologie-inspired flower lamp shade I created using some fabric flowers I found at Michael’s. It gives a little pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary lamp shade.
I’m also a huge fan of finding old furniture from family members, garage sales and Goodwill. I scooped up this desk and chair, gave them a quick makeover with a bit of paint, and now my kiddo has a great spot to do her homework or color!
I found this mirror on clearance from HomeGoods last year and spruced it up with a coat of paint and some colorful flowers. Fun and playful!
Since the mirror is so small compared to the size of the dresser, I felt I needed to even out the empty space above. I used some green, blue and rosy pink scrapbook paper to create a bunting banner for less than $5! It definitely added some extra sweetness to the room!
And of course one of my favorite projects for my little lady’s bedroom is her Fabric Scrap Door Wreath. The vibrant colors and the funky fabrics are super yummy!
I’ve noticed a lot of youth bedrooms with the kid’s name on the wall in 3D letters. To spruce mine up a bit, I used different colored scrapbook paper and adhered it to the front of the letters. I traced out the letters, trimmed with scissors, and glued to the front. Creates a fun and custom look!
So, what have you added to your kid’s bedroom that makes it unique and CREATED BY YOU?


  1. says

    The colors in her room just brighten it up so much, great job! I so need to do this for my daughter’s rooms, they need help! Are those four frames on the stenciled wall scrapbook paper in a frame?
    II want to stencil a wall too and have been entering every contest to win, but no luck yet. I need to order one and get it done. One month to Haven, yahoo! When are you getting in on Wednesday?

    • says

      The frames are actually shadow boxes. I lined them with scrapbook paper and have the plans {someday} to fill them with some memorable knick knacks from her childhood!

      Yay for Haven!! I’m getting in on Wednesday afternoon. Can’t wait!!! When are you getting in?

  2. Stefany says

    Love her room! I’m getting ready to transform my 4yr old daughters room from baby to big girl with hand me down furniture from her older cousin and now you have inspired me. Love your blog!

  3. says

    I love it! We just redid my daughters room. It is all her…all her color choices and room arrangement and pictures on the wall.

    • says

      That’s awesome, Lisa! I’m kinda nervous about when my daughter is old enough to pick out her own stuff. I just remember my little sister picked the craziest stuff… brown and black plaid one time, then switched it to BRIGHT teal and purple. Oh, through the eyes of a child!!

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