DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror {Guest Post from Setting for Four}

Hello there How to Nest for Less readers!  My name is Heather and I blog at Setting for Four.  I am so excited to be invited by Erin to guest post today and to share one of my all time favorite tutorials with you, my DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror!  Thank you so much Erin for letting me be a part of your fantastic blog today!
At my blog  Setting for Four, I share home decor DIY’s, tutorials, recipes and family friendly design inspiration from the viewpoint of an army wife and mom of 2 teenage boys.  Please swing by my blog sometime and say hello!
Today I am sharing with you an inexpensive way to brighten up your space with a DIY Beaded Sunburst Mirror made from scapbook paper, beads, a round mirror and a ceiling medallion.  This project will definitely add some sparkle to your home!
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Isn’t it amazing what you can make from scrapbook paper??


  • 1 x 12 inch wooden ring – Michaels
  • 1 x 5 inch round mirror – Michaels
  • 2 x Crystal beaded bracelet, smokey grey color – Michaels
  • 1 pack of 14mm Aqua Shell Beads – Michaels
  • 1 x 10 inch Westinghouse ceiling medallion – Home Depot
  • 2 sheets of Scrapbook Paper:  ‘My Minds Eye, 29th Street Market’, each sheet features two coordinating patterns (this is the same paper I used to make my DIY Coasters) – Michaels
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • 1 Sheet white computer paper
  • Pencil
  • 1 Command Hook or a nail to hang the mirror


With the white computer paper make two templates for your sunburst rays.  Make one large and one small.  I just eyeballed the width and shape I wanted.  The large one is 4 inches long and the small one is 3 inches long.

Cut out each template.

Using the templates, trace onto the scrapbook paper several large and small rays.  Just trace around the outside edge of each template.  Use both the back and front of the scrapbook paper to alternate the colors.  Cut out each sunburst ray. ( I made 20 large rays and 20 small rays).  Fold each paper ray lengthwise to give each ray some dimension so they do not lay flat.  You can see what I mean in the pic below and in the first pic in this post.   Lay each one around the ceiling medallion, in the manner you like, alternating small ones with the large ones, so you get an idea of how many to make.

 With hot glue, attach each paper ray to the wooden ring so the bottom of the ray is close to the inner edge of the wooden ring.  Sorry I don’t have a picture of this….my camera battery died and I had to recharge it then kept working on the project!  I attached the rays so that all the small paper rays were laying on top and all the large rays were laying underneath the small sized rays, like this.
 Attach the ceiling medallion with hot glue so that it is centered onto your ring of paper rays.

Attach mirror with hot glue onto the ceiling medallion so that it is centered too.

Cut the end of the elastic cord that is holding the crystal beads onto the bracelets.  Remove all the crystals from the bracelet.  Restring the crystals by reusing the elastic cord that is used in the bracelet. See below.  Add as many crystals as is required to go around the outer edge of your mirror.  I used 73 crystals.  Tie the elastic cord in a tight knot and cut the ends.  Gently pull one bead over the knot so that it is hidden.
Attach string of  crystal beads, using hot glue, around outside of mirror.  You do not need to glue down every bead…I glued the strand down in about 7 places.

Cut the strands of aqua shell beads to separate the beads, as above.  Attach individual beads with hot glue around outer edge of crystals.  I used 34 shell beads.  I had to overlap slightly the last 2 beads to make them fit, but don’t think it really shows too much.

 Attach a command strip to the back of the wooden ring and hang the mirror (or use a nail and hang the mirror with one of the holes in the wooden ring- to hang off the nail)

That’s it you are done!

This was so fun to make!!!
I love how it sparkles and the beautiful blue color of the paper.
(This would be a great homewarming, birthday or Christmas gift too!)
 Enjoy your one-of-a-kind DIY Sunburst Mirror!!
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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  I love to make new bloggy friends, so please swing by my blog Setting for Four sometime to see my other tutorials and say hello!

I just posted the tutorial for an inexpensive DIY French Label Trivet Hot Pad  made from a dollar store placemat that you might love to see!

Again, thank you Erin for inviting me to guest post at your inspirational blog today!  This was so much fun!



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    Hey that turned out really cute! I would have never logically put those things together to come up with such a cute mirror.

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