My Top 10 Must-Have Items for Apartment Dwellers

Pretty much all of us have lived in an apartment at one time or another in our life. Yes, it can be hard to organize or de-clutter at times, but I’m sharing my Top 10 Must-Have Items to help you maximize your small space with the help of Apartment Guide!

Whether you’re living, looking or moving, one helpful place to start your search is the Apartment Guide blog. They offer tips on how to decorate your apartment and make the most of your space.

So ready to hear my favorite ways to save space and get organized? Here we go!

  1. Over the Door Storage
  2. Drop Leaf Table
  3. Stackable Tupperware
  4. Under the Bed Storage Bins
  5. Multi-Purpose Furniture
  6. Decorative Wall Hooks
  7. Under the Sink Shelves
  8. Rolling Kitchen Cart
  9. Over the Toilet Storage
  10. Wood Shelves with Baskets

So, what are your favorite organizational space savers?

And remember, if you’re ready for a whole new space or looking to move, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you find the perfect apartment community.

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      I forgot to add: I like anything that maximizes vertical space. Floor space in a small home or apartment can be short on supply, but you can take advantage of wall space for storage with shelving, tall bookcases or chests, toy hammocks for kids’ rooms and play areas… anything that keeps it off the floor and tucked away is very handy!

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