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Remember last week I told y’all about my Top 10 Apartment Must-Have Items to help you maximize your small space?

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Just leave a comment below telling me your favorite organizational space saving idea for an apartment.

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  1. Natalie L. says

    I have a hanging pot rack which I love. Not only is it decorative but I have so much more space for my other kitchen items like baking pans and lids.

  2. says

    Having lived in lots of apartments, (but finally our own home, yay!) one of my favorite organizers is the Closetmaid cube-ical series. The fabric bins hold a lot, and the shelves can be used in lots of different settings. Thanks so much!

  3. Deb says

    Any kind if hidden storage I mt favorite tip. Wearger it’s boxes under the bed or shelflike placed in kitchen cabinets. Ottomans used as storage for toys. Use ant wall space high up for more storage or display .

  4. Wendy says

    There are so many that are AMAZING and have made my life so much better! I’m always looking for the “new” and “upcoming” ideas.
    I don’t know about y’all but the $50 gift card could be a BLESSING in my upcoming searches :)

  5. Katie G says

    Buy furniture that is stylish and functional such as coffee table and ottomans which also have storage inside of them too and large enough book shelves that you can also put baskets in for all of those kid toys or blankets.

  6. says

    My apartment is 661 square feet so organization is the key to keeping my house from driving me nuts. Because it is a small apartment with limited cabinets and closets, I have to be creative when it comes to storage and organization of my belongings.
    Therefore, my ultimate organizational tool consists of 6 kraft boxes, which range from 7.5″x7.5″x 4.5″ to 15″x15″x7.5″. They stack well in descending order by size. I’m able to store everything from lightbulbs to notebooks/folders, and the contents are always dust free. Using Post-It labels, I am able to easily identify the contents of each box. I store the boxes in my closet, but they are lovely enough to be out for guests.

  7. Mami2jcn says

    Shelving is super important in an apartment! And also closet organizers to make the most out of the space you have.

  8. says

    We don’t live in an apartment but we did live in a smaller sized home (1200 square feet, 3 bedroom, 5 people, upgraded to 1400 square feet) so storage has always been an issue. Ikea expedit with bins, under bed storage, and “building” up have been our 3 biggest helps! I don’t think we own a single piece of furniture aside from a rocking chair & recliner that doesn’t also feature storage…. we have even stored things between the wall and the back of the sofa (and no one knew!)

  9. Creslan Williams says

    I always try to rent an apt that has a storage room this will help you keep your place from being cluttered.

  10. says

    Up until now, I’ve been the queen of apartment living! :) {Now we’re renting a house} But, maximizing space is for sure key! For me, the key to staying organized and utilizing your space is to maximize closets. I was able to store a ton of stuff in our closets by utilizing all the shelving with different plastic bins and also adding plastic drawers. It was definitely crammed but it worked!!

  11. Joanne says

    I like to use really tall but skinny bookcases to hold stuff. You can paint them to match the room and it adds a nice decorating touch.

  12. Christie says

    Shower curtain rod under sink to hang cleaning products to maximize cabinet space. Towel rods and organizers hung on the inside of kitchen pantry, bathroom closets, and closet doors to make room for other items in those spaces.

  13. Dhara Kanabar says

    Yaaay for the giveaway!!!
    my favourite organizing tool is hanging shoe rack from ikea…you can store anything you want in there and hide it in closet or in back od any door!

  14. Tiffany H says

    I would love to have some more hidden storage. I have been eyeing some coffee tables and benches with storage compartments when you lift the top. isn’t that awesome!

  15. Wai leung says

    I like to save space by hanging up my jewelrys on the wall by using hook. It saves me space by not needing an armor/ table plus it double up as a wall decoration.

  16. says

    Install adhesive towel bars on inside of linen closet & pantry doors. Fold extra sheets, blankets, table clothes & linens on these bars in lieu of taking up valuable shelf space.

  17. stephanie says

    An ottoman with storage, preferably one that’s going doing do double or even triple duty as a seat and coffee table. Also, dressers instead of end tables, and shelves whenever you can hang them. Under bed storage is essential too.

  18. Anna says

    Stay organized and reduce clutter. When stuff is left to pile up (paperwork, cloths, etc.) it makes the place look and feel smaller. Think vertical… Floor to ceiling shoe racks, bike racks, etc.

  19. Joyce Ansell says

    I have lived in an apartment and small spaces; I have used over the door racks for storage, wall hooks, under the bed storage boxes, hanging shelves in closets, rolling carts. My ultimate, has been a decorative wall hook and shelf item to hang my favorite pans used. A person learns to make use of every nook and cranny available to them!

  20. Lisa Brown says

    Tip: Choose multipurpose furniture which have a dual purpose, such as, a Murphy Bed with a table. When the bed is down, it is a bed, when it is up, a table folds down so one has an area to eat, do projects, etc.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  21. Pam says

    Hi! Thanks for the great giveaway! I like to find hidden storage space. Some have allready been mentioned. But my favorite thing is, I have an old “Hope Chest” that my Dad made for us when we were kids. I have it in the guest room beside the head of the bed. I am using it to hold the linen for the guest room, as well as the extra blankets for the Master bedroom and our son’s room. It also holds a lamp and an alarm clock and a book or two, or whatever the guest chooses to put there. (a candle or tissues etc) Hope this helps a little!

  22. Carolsue says

    One item I find useful is a bench that has storage space, so it doubles for two purposes. Also, get a Kindle Reader if you read so you don’t take up space with books! :)
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  23. Kelly D says

    My idea would be to use hooks for hanging items to get them out of the way & free standing shelves to use in an unutilized spaces, such as under the clothing in the closet, to be used as storage for clothing, shoes etc.

  24. Crystal says

    You have to go vertical! Our closet was too small for laundry baskets, so we bought stacking elfa drawers from container store and now we have 6 “baskets” stacked right on top of each other – it’s awesome.

  25. says

    Go up. Lots of closets have a lot of space between the top shelf and the ceiling. Add another shelf (or 2) above the top one. You will need to make it less deep than the one below, but it’s amazing how useful it can be.

  26. says

    In my experience apartments NEVER have enough bathroom storage for all the items you need. Makeup, bandaids, hair ties, clippers, and small medicines. The key to this is get yourself a hanging door shoe rack preferably one that is clear so you can see what you have stored in every pocket. It is simple, it stores lots of little items that usually have no place to go and is inexpensive. There you are a door shoe hanging organizing rack is my idea. Cheers,

  27. Jasmine says

    I have an obsession neatly organizing things under the bed, haha. And when that is done and over with…I love utilizing baskets or fabric bins in high places, cubicles, etc. for some added quirky fun. Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  28. Lisa Conforto says

    If the apartment has closet that you really dont need you can do alot with that space, I converted my closet to a crafting area, if thats not needed it can become a serving cove that you can set up your blender, coffee pot etc. With alittle paint and some decorations and imagination you can have a funtioning storage space.

  29. Chi says

    Hanging up my pots and pans on hooks save me lots of space. Also buying a horizontal board and nailing it against the wall to hold or display items.
    All these items are available in ikea.

  30. Barbara M says

    Use hidden spaces for storage – I store some things in back of my dresser and in back of my microwave stand.
    Thank you.

  31. says

    I hang an over-the-door mesh shoe organizer behind the door that enters the garage which holds bottles and canisters of cleaning supplies. I do the same for my pantry door that holds packages of seasonings and etc.

  32. niki says

    I just got married recently and we are in the middle of decorating our lovely(but small) apartment.we really need to be creative! So far I bought baskets,plenty of baskets!i love baskets! And racks for the doors, and my favorite…shelfs(ikea lack). So I can use the space behind our doors! I mean from the ground till the ceiling!looks cool and it’s not as deep as a bookcase etc,but quite a lot can fit in there!i have it in the kitchen,too!perfect for canned stuff,jars,glasses etc! (sorry for my English,im from overseas)

  33. Stacie says

    I have always had a fondness for the functionality of a murphy bed. It provides such benefits for areas that floor space is a minimum. It helps to create spaces that offer the ability to multi task for those bedrooms that can not be devoted to just sleep. Some of the new more modern designs really help to make a room more spacious and beautiful.

  34. says

    Great Giveaway! I love any under-the-bed storage and also those little hanging shelf/cubbies you can get for the closet. Use the back of a door for an organizer to hold shoes, jewelry, makeup, or scarves. :)

  35. Beth Giffen says

    The ceiling is never used and what a wasted space!!! When I was little we lived in a small apartment and my dad made a pully system with a few ropes and a couple of hooks in the ceiling (on studs I am sure) and attached dowels that folded up to the bottom creating a table to put some of my floor toys that couldn’t be left out because of space constraints. He painted a really pretty picture on the bottom (doubled as ceiling art) and made the top of the board look like grass with astroturf, when I wanted to play they just let the pully down and I had an instant table that didn’t use any floor space. This could be used the same way for a dining table that moved up when not in use, or a play table, a dressing, any kind of table you wanted. You could even store pretty wicker baskets up there and just use it as an extra storage space, and nowadays I am sure you could wallpaper the bottom that showed or get a mural to put on it.

  36. steph says

    my favorite tip is to use multi functional furniture – like wood trunks for benches and storage ottomans to stow stuff away!

  37. Destiny says

    Multi-purpose furniture. Ottoman’s with storage, benches with storage, stools that can serve as tables or for seating.

  38. Lura says

    I realized that keeping my shoes in their boxes or buying a show rack that only held a dozen shoes did not work for my one bedroom apartment so I designed my own shoe hanger! I bought a rail (curtain rod or for a closet, either works fine) and I bought wire clothes hangers. I cut the hangers at the bottom using a wire clipper and twisted the pieces outward like you find hanging flats in the store. Making sure the sharp wire ends were twisted and tucked away, I hung all my flats and heels on the bottom row of my closet. It was a slow weekend, so I also decorated each hanger and categorized them for different occasions (work, dressy, girls not out/clubby). It save a lot of room in my closet and now I don’t have to step on all my precious babies!

    P.S. I adore your site. I literally think I’m obsessed with decorating my place and I can’t wait until I own a home to have more room to play with!

  39. Courtney says

    I like to utilize the space underneath the bed by using plastic storage bins for all things from shoes and purses to scrapbook and wrapping paper supplies.

  40. Wjones says

    I am a HUGE fan of pieces that do double duty. Ottomans that contain storage space are an instant win with me. Our couch folds flat to a guest bed – but the best part is that it has storage for plenty of bed linens, towels and pillows underneath! I couldn’t live without it. I’ve also seen end tables that double as dog crates, but I think my dog would go a little nuts if her crate wasn’t in the bedroom…. :)

  41. Gina M says

    Use as much vertical space as possible, such as shelving over a headboard!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  42. Dee says

    My favorite organizational tip is to raise beds up a bit to make room underneath for plastic bins and storage containers. :)

  43. Kesha says

    I have lived in an apartment and I understand how important it is to have extra storage space. I think that using furniture that can double as storage is a great idea!

  44. says

    My favorite tip is to think vertically. One of the most wasted space is that on the top shelf of a closet. I put a rack on it, and stack it up to the ceiling with things used rarely. You really have to think about the best use for every square inch of your home, while being mindful of too much clutter. It’s a bit of a balance.

  45. Jeanne B. says

    Ikea Expedit! They are so versatile… They give you storage (open and/or hidden), can act as a room divider, and provide space on top like a mantle for decorating! Thanks for the opportunity! So glad I found your blog… Great ideas!

  46. Susan Stahley says

    My favorite space saving tip is to put a dresser next to the door, or the closest space that you can get next to the door, and you can put your keys, letters and any other clutter you aren’t exactly sure what to do with.

  47. Carol Gregg says

    As a former Navy brat, I’ve had to learn quite a few things about maximizing space and downsizing. (Any of you ever SEEN military housing?? TINY!). Some of the things that worked really well for our family was double duty furniture (storage ottomans, etc.), using back of doors for storage whenever possible with shoe bags/racks, using an extra shower rod to store all the misc tub stuff that piles up, especially when you have kids, and my mom’s favorite when I was small – stealing the kids’ closets for extra storage! (It’s not like we had a buncha stuff that needed to be hung up, etc.). Hope some of those ideas help!

  48. April says

    There are several ways to maximize your storage in a smaller apartment. First, purge!!! People forget that purging is a foundation of orginization. VACUUM BAGS!!! Seal up extra stuff (winter clohtes during the summer, vica versa) then slide under bed!!!

    Another great tip is add shelving (the cheap stuff at Target or walmart) to your closest in the “lost” floor space!

  49. Sarah C says

    I always used big flat plastic bins for under-bed storage. They slide nicely on carpet and if you store the lid under them you can easily pull one out and access whats inside!

  50. Linda Hock says

    I love using a stack of vintage suitcases next to a sofa or next to the bed. The stack doubles as a table plus hidden storage inside the suitcases.

  51. LAMusing says

    Short on kitchen counter space look for wall mount or under cabinet options including small appliances , spice racks, paper towel holders, etc.

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