Halloween Treat Bag

I received my Whimseybox in the mail the other week and noticed a new product that I’ve never tried before… Ink Effects. I thought a cute little trick or treat Halloween Bag would be the perfect project for this new crafting buddy.

I gathered my supplies:

  • Orange fabric bag (purchased from Michael’s for $2)
  • Black Deco Art Ink Effects
  • Small paintbrushes
  • Printed design off normal laser printer (inverted)
  • Hot iron

If you’ve never used Ink Effects before, it’s actually quite cool. It’s ink that will transfer to fabric! You print any design you’d like on normal printer paper (make sure you print it mirrored if you have any text!).

Take your small paintbrush and paint right over the design on your paper with the Ink Effects. Allow it to dry for about 45 minutes.

When it’s completely dry, set your iron on the highest setting and get ready to transfer your image. Place the paint side down on the fabric and iron directly on top of the paper for about 30-45 seconds. Make sure you move the iron around so you don’t burn the paper!

When you’re done the ink will be completely transferred to the fabric. Awesome, right?

Super simple project, and oh so many possibilities! And in case you’re wondering, YES, it is washable! Pretty spooktacular if you ask me ;)


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