Silhouette Cameo GIVEAWAY!

It’s time! This Silhouette Cameo could be YOURS! 
Your crafting possibilities are endless.
Are you excited as we are? 

We thought we’d provide you with links to some of our projects to create some excitement and get those creative juices flowing. If you don’t win — you could always ask Santa to bring you one for Christmas, right? May you find inspiration and excitement.


Now onto what you’ve been waiting for!
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  1. Claire says

    KEEP it! i’m the only crafter in my group of friends/family who enjoys slaving away in their room doing DIY’s lol :)

  2. Megan says

    Keep it! I am on week three of my maternity leave and would love to have one to play with in the wee hours of the night (or anytime during the day) now that I am up anyway!

  3. Erin says

    I would definitely keep it! I’m a stay-at-home mom just venturing into the land of blogs, Pinterest, and DIY projects!

  4. Susan K. says

    I would KEEP the Cameo! I’ve printed in reverse on the back of cardstock and cut titles for my scrapbook pages with an x-acto knife. Very time consuming! The Cameo would make finishing those pages so much quicker. Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome machine.

  5. Sara says

    I would def KEEP IT!!!!! I have wated one for ever now and just haven’t been able to afford it :( So maybe i’ll get lucky and win this one! :):)

  6. Yara says

    I would definitely keep it! :)
    I been wanting a Silhouette Cameo for a long time, thank sooo much for the opportunity to win one!!
    And good luck to all you ladies out there! :)

  7. Jasmine says

    I would keep it if I won! I love creating things and using my creativity to help inspire my kiddos. =) This would be a lovely addition to my growing collection of crafting madness!

  8. Amy says

    I guess I’m not very generous… I have wanted a Silhouette for sooooo long that I would keep it ;-) Thanks for the chance!

  9. Holly J. says

    I think this is the number one thing on my Mom’s wish list that she would never justify getting for herself. I would give it to her…and then be over about once a week to use it. haha!

  10. Samantha says

    Keep It – though I feel selfish for saying that. I have so many ideas swirling in my head for how I would use it first…..countless possibilities!

  11. Tracy P says

    I’d definitely keep it. I’ve been eyeing off one of these for ages but haven’t had the money to get one. One day I will have one (hopefully sooner rather than later)

  12. Jamie says

    Of course I would keep it! Ideas for the things I could create for my home and my classroom are already running through my head!

  13. Elizabeth H says

    I would for sure keep it and just have a ball making neat things for family and friends. Thank you for this giveaway.

  14. Kristi says

    Keep! I could finally accomplish so many of the projects on my to-do and to-try list! Would love it! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  15. Kendyll Feger Breweur says

    I would TOTALLY keep it! :) I think this is amazing and would help me so much with my crafting, gift giving, and school functions.

  16. deede says

    Absolutely, without a doubt, fer sure KEEP IT! I’m a crafty grandmother who would L-O-V-E this for all the project I could make for my kiddos!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

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