ScenTrend 2013 + GIVEAWAY!

It’s giveaway time! Today I have a fabulous one from SCENTSY! I’m a huge fan of their products and this past week I was lucky enough to get to try out their new Scentrend for 2013, Voilet Leaf!

scentsy scentrend 2013The new Voilet Leaf is a great scent for rest and relaxation… just what I needed after this crazy holiday season! I snuggled up in my furry Sonoma slippers and soothing beauty mask, plugged in my Voilet Leaf Scentsy with a bit of the Apple Press scent, and took just 10 minutes for myself. It was heaven!

new scentsy scentrend 2013I love the sweet, clean smell of this new scent. Extracted from the leaves of the violet plant, the Violet Leaf fragrance exudes an organic, green fragrance. It’s the perfect mixing fragrance, or great to use alone!

scentrend 2013 scentsyTo get started you just place one or more sections of a Scentsy bar into the warmer dish, plug in and turn it on. Super easy to use!

scenty-burner-light-bulbIn case you’re not familiar, Scentsy warmers use a low watt bulb to slowly melt specially formulated wax in tons of different fragrances. There’s no flame; you just plug it in for a safe way to enjoy their sweet smells.

scentsy burner scentrend 2013The new VoiletLeaf Scentrend for 2013 won’t be available to purchase until February 1st but one lucky winner is going to win it along with a Scentsy warmer of your choice and 1 Scent pack of Posy Peach!

So, wanna win some Scentsy? Here’s what you could win…

  • 1 free Scentsy warmer of your choice
  • 1 Scent pack of Violet Leaf, the new Scentrend fragrance of 2013
  • 1 Scent pack of Posy Peach

Here’s how you enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yep, that’s it. Super easy.
One lucky winner will be chosen at random.
Winner will be announced Friday, January 11th.
US residents only.
Since the new Voilet Leaf doesn’t officially go on sale until February 1st, the winner will need to wait just a bit for their shipment!


  1. Joyce says

    I use Scentsy, but it seems like I am stuck on a couple of scents; Vanilla or citrus (sorry- too early to think of official names). Too lazy to change I guess!

  2. says

    I haven’t used them before, however I left a candle going to long in my bathroom the other day {very black wall} and am really interested in trying them out!:)

  3. Christy K. says

    I have never tried Scentsy, but I do have a wax burner that I use. I have heard a lot of great things about them and would love to try their scents.

  4. Karen urias says

    In a home full of kids and animals, a nice fresh scent would be great….my favorite scent is anything cinnamon, cinnamon bear .

  5. Jessica says

    Rio Beach is what I am filling my house with right now! I love the summery smell of it…especially when it is so cold and windy outside!

  6. krista w. says

    I don’t have any experience with this product/brand–all the more excited to win it! Thanks for the chances!

  7. Gail McMurray says

    I would love to try Scentsy, never heard of it before. I rarely use candles because of safety issues. I love the smell of vanilla.

  8. Renee A Davis says

    I love, love, love Scentsy…my daughter bought me a plug in warmer & fragrance pak for Christmas last year & I have been hooked. The above warmer is absolutely beautiful, would love to win. Thank you for your generosity….God Bless, Renee A ;o)

  9. Nancy Carr says

    I have used a Scentsy and gave it to a friend because she loved it, so I would love one. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  10. Teresa Vanselow says

    My favorite is Citrus Sun Tea. It has a fresh, clean smell. I bought a brick and burn it in my classroom all the time.

  11. K.Wolff says

    My current favorite is My Dear Watson. It smells like yummy men’s cologne and makes my house smell awesome!

  12. Chris Wyrick says

    A young friend of mine is a Scentsy rep and says they have wonderful products but I haven’t yet “gotten around to” trying them yet. Thanks for this opportunity!

  13. Deanne H. says

    I have never tried Scentsy before, but my daughter told me I would love them because they smell so nice when they’re burning. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  14. Samantha says

    I love Newborn Nursery – it brings back happy memories of when my son was an infant and we had just brought him home. I also love Havana Cabana – makes me think of our summer beach trip. My son has asthma, and traditional candles really bother him. However, Scentsy has never posed a problem so I just love their products!!!

  15. Courtney says

    My all-time favorite is/was Twilight, as I don’t believe they make it anymore :( Searching for one close to that scent!

  16. says

    I do not have one & would oh so really love to have one. I have always heard how awesome Scentsy is & how it just fills the room. I have one friend who has one, not sure of the scent, but her hose smells amazing.

  17. says

    I have not tried Scentsy before, but would LOVE to! I love to have candles or incense burning to bring scent into a room, and this sounds amazing! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  18. Candice Duffey says

    I’ve Never used them befre but i have heard really good things abot them. I would ove to get chance to try them out and thankfully now I have a chance to do so. Cheers and good luck to everyone! My figers and toes are crossed!

  19. Lisa Scozzaro says

    I have never tried Scentsy but have heard wonderful things about their products!! A lavendar scent would be great!

  20. Janet says

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I am always looking for a scent that won’t give me a headache but can mask the days the dog needs a bath! I love a linen smell, or fresh laundry, clean smell. Do they have that?

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