Cheap and Easy Mod Podge Photo Frames

While walking through the aisles of a home décor big box store the other day, I saw some adorable picture frames that I desperately wanted for my daughter’s bedroom… except they were $25 each. Yeah, not gonna happen. So instead I decided to make my own and I’m super happy with the results!

mod podge scrapbook paper wood framesI snagged these wooden photo frames from Michael’s for $3 each. They also had $1 versions, but I liked the thickness and durability of these.

wood frames from michaelsI chose some pretty scrapbook paper to match my daughter’s bedroom décor and traced it out around the frame.

scrapbook paper embellished wood framesI also removed the backing and glass to trace and trim out the inner part of the frame as well (I just used a pair of scissors and an exacto knife to t

scrapbook paper embellished wood frameNext I adhered the scrapbook paper to the frame using Antique Matte Mod Podge

Oh my, how I LOVE this stuff! It has a bit of a yellowish-brownish tint to it so it gives the antiqued look and feel. Just a quick coat before I placed the paper on the frame and two coats on top of the paper to seal it in.

antique mod podge picture framesOnce that was dried I added some beautiful floral embellishments that I picked up on clearance from Michaels {major score here}.

floral embellishments on wood framesAnd that’s it. Seriously a 10 minute project for some super cute frames that only cost me 20% of the retail price I saw in the store. Gotta love that.

mod podge scrapbook paper wood frames

flower mod podge photo framesTotal price breakdown:

  • Frames: $3 each
  • Scrapbook paper: less than $1
  • Floral embellishments: $2 on clearance
  • Antique Matte Mod Podge: $8 (but I had it in my craft stash)

flower mod podge picture frames

mod podge flower picture frames

mod podge picture frames


  1. says

    Really cute. Love the flowers! I just got done putting some scrapbook paper on my teens horrible lime green cheetah Print frame. It looks so much better.

  2. says

    Great job! These are so adorable. Isn’t it a satisfying feeling to recreate something you saw at a store for a fraction of the cost?? :)

    Found you at the Serenity Now link party!

  3. Donna says

    Wouldn’t these be great to give as baby gifts if you knew the theme of the nursery, or better yet, had some wallpaper from the room? LOVE this idea!! We have so many baby showers at church that some months it’s really hard to spend $20-$25 times two or three showers times three or four months in a row!!! YIKES! I always have a stash of clearance outfits but when we have this many showers in a row, I get wiped out!!!

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!
    Oh, I’m a brand new follower~~AND I LOVE your site!!

    • says

      You must work quickly and smooth out everything using your fingers. It will get messy and sticky though! Also, you will have some creases in the paper when you’re finished from smoothing some bubbles out but you won’t be able to notice from a short distance. Mine still look great!

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