The Kitchen Conversation: Dream Kitchen, Real Budget.

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As I mentioned a couple days ago, my family is embarking on the exciting journey of building a new home! We are extremely excited, but so many important decisions lie ahead. So, what’s the most important part of my new home? In my honest opinion, THE KITCHEN!

WinterCarnivalFinalI’ve been dreaming of a crisp, white kitchen for a couple years now. There’s just something about the lightness and brightness of white cabinets and the perfect complementary countertops.

cararraNow we can’t have all of the high end appointments in our dream kitchen… I mean, c’mon. I’m still a thrifter here that has a real budget. So when shopping around for alternatives to granite countertops, I stumbled upon a simply awesome option that I had to share with you guys…

Wilsonart makes HD® High Definition® Laminate countertopWilsonart makes laminate countertops that are seriously AMAZING! For homeowners this is the dream of combining the beauty and durability of real stone with an affordable price. Inspired by actual granite with all of the cool veins and markings, the Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminate countertops have never looked more realistic with natural flow patterns and mineral details.

wilsonart countertopsAnd kitchens should be designed for real life, right? I have some friends that just bought a new house and are scared of putting bar stools up against their granite in fear of it chipping. And they have special coasters and cleaners for their counters. Ummm… no thank you! I live a hectic life and know that kitchens are meant to be used on a daily basis. I want my countertops to be the center of my kitchen and not have to worry about each little chip or ring mark. Wouldn’t you agree?

Plus the AEON™ Enhanced Performance Technology from Wilsonart means countertops are durable‑up to five times more scuff resistant than traditional laminate. Yep, perfect for my family!

Wilsonart Edges

Another cool part of the Wilsonart countertops is that you can choose a decorative edge to really set it apart from other laminate countertops. The Beveled, Cascade, and Crescent edges are three of the most popular edges and definitely are the perfect finishing touch (plus an affordable way to achieve the granite look without the visible seams).

You can also get a Wilsonart® HD® Integrated Sink that gives the countertop an upscale, clean look. There’s no lip, no seam.

Oh, how I want this in my new home! Do you know how easy it would be to clean up a mess off your countertops and wipe it straight into your sink? Sheesh, and not have the crumbs and grime stick around the lip of your sink? Yes please! Sign me up! I NEED THIS.

Carrara Santorini with HD sinkThe best part is that Wilsonart’s Integrated Sinks are thermal-formed acrylic sinks which means they’re resistant to both stains and heat. Seriously, this addition makes the Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® Laminate countertops look even more like real granite.

I’m also considering using these countertops in my laundry room and bathrooms. I mean, why not? They’re durable and affordable so why not start off my new house as my dream home with all the luxury finishes.

I can see it now.
Yep, dreams really do come true.


If you want some more information on this product, check out:
or you can find them on Pinterest for more kitchen makeover ideas!


  1. Morgan says

    Wow!!’ What a great product!! I’m all about low maitinence things and this looks amazing! Love the sink too!!!

  2. Dawn Jones says

    Thanks for sharing this. We would really be interested in looking into this for our home. Looks beautiful.

  3. says

    These look so convincing, I totally wouldn’t have guessed they were laminate by just looking at the pictures. It’s nice to know there’s an affordable option that also looks great!

  4. andrea says

    my husband & I used wilsonart hd for our wetbar in the basement, and it looks great! we wanted the look of granite without the price and difficult install (we measured, ordered, confirmed with the paper template they sent, and then did the install ourselves)

  5. Julie says

    I just put in two Wilsonart integrated sinks in my bathrooms. They are just what you said and beautiful. I also have an integrated sink in my kitchen by another manufacturer, and it is stainless steel. I would do them all again in a heartbeat even though they are spendy. Clean up is a breeze. You won’t regret purchasing them.

  6. Mary Kenyon says

    Just saw the newest exterior color of appliances from whirlpool…..”white ice”. So beautiful and fresh. Might be a good alternative to normal white. Just an fyi.

  7. Sue says

    What a gorgeous look! These would look so much better than our eighties “faux wood” countertops, LOL! Going to check out the site now and try and sell hubby on the idea :)


  8. gayle b says

    Absolutely beautiful, I have just painted walls and cabinets (crisp white), installed new flooring and am longing for new counter tops but cannot afford granite. Wondering if these are available in Canada.. off I go to research. Thanks for the info :)

  9. Kim says

    Where did you buy it from? I noticed the home improvement stores carry the top but don’t see the decorative edges. Is it something you had to have custom ordered?

  10. says

    Did you have to have them bend the laminate from the manufacturer to get the designer edge? According to the guy I spoke with at Lowes, he said that they have to have it custom made. I was under the impression the edges were sold separately like molding, and connected with their matching adhesive? I just wanted to double check with you since you have purchased it. Sometimes the people don’t know what our talking about!! Thanks or your help!

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