Mom’s Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

It’s like straight up out of an episode of While You Were Out…

My parents went to Florida for a week and I stayed back to give a little makeover to my mom’s kitchen cabinets… with her approval of course.

yellow kitchen before white makeoverAbout 10 years ago my mom painted her kitchen cabinets a light, buttery yellow. It looked great at the time, especially since her house is very colorful (remember her living room tour?). But with her new granite countertops and tile flooring, everything just started to look too tan/yellow.

sherwin williams pure white kitchen paintSince I had so much success with my own white kitchen cabinet makeover, I decided to use the exact same paint… Pure White in ProClassic semi gloss from Sherwin Williams.

yellow to white kitchen cabinetsAt first I didn’t think going from a buttery yellow to a crisp white would actually make a huge difference, but it really changed the tone of the entire room! Come take a look…

before and after kitchen cabinet makeover{get ready for an overload of after shots}

white kitchen cabinet transformation

kitchen painted white cabinetsWe decided to keep the original cabinet hardware to save some money. Plus I think the goldish tones in the hardware look great with the new granite countertops.

painted kitchen cabinet makeover

white kitchen cabinets makeoverWe also decided to keep some of the wood trim for now. There’s a lot of wood in throughout the home where it can still tie in, especially since the kitchen leads into a small family room/den with wood French doors and floor-to-ceiling bookcases (which I’m dying to paint to lighten up that space!).

white kitchen painted cabinets{oh, I love their sign above the back porch door}

kitchen cabinet makeover

painted white kitchen cabinetsThe thing I love most about my childhood kitchen is the peninsula. We never had the conventional breakfast room table and I still love that everyone gathers around the kitchen for holidays and Sunday dinners (yep, my siblings and our kiddos gather almost every Sunday at my mom’s house. LOVE!).

white kitchen cabinets

white painted butlers pantry

white paint kitchen cabinetsWell we will have some updates to make to her newly updated kitchen including adding a nice hood over the oven, but I have to say that I’m extremely happy with the transformation thus far (and so were my parents when they returned from Florida on Saturday night).

yellow kitchen before white makeover

white kitchen cabinet transformation

Also make sure you check out some of my favorite tips and tricks for painting kitchen cabinets. Since I’ve done my own and my mothers, I kinda feel like an old pro now.

white kitchen cabinet makeover


  1. says

    It made a huge difference. Thinking maybe our cabinets could go from blonde wood to white!!! Maybe readers could send you pics, and you could offer opinions!!! You can come stay with me anytime. Moved into a 16 year old farmhouse built and decorated by elderly folks. Everything needs repair and updating. I am overwhelmed!!!!!

  2. says

    Having just painted my own tiny kitchen’s cabinets, I know what an undertaking this must have been! What a thoughtful daughter!

    Kinda funny though– it almost looks like you painted nothing and just fixed the white balance on your camera!

  3. Kathy T says

    What a perfect kitchen and so beautiful I would love to have seen your mother and dad’s wxpresssion when they walked in the door :-) So nice you all still meet on Sunday for dinner – Sadly I bet that happens rarely .

    • says

      Thanks so much Kathy! Yes, their expression was priceless!! And yes, it’s a shame more families don’t gather for Sunday dinners. Luckily it’s a tradition my family loves!

  4. Crystal says

    Fantastic job!! It really lightened and brightened her kitchen!! So sweet of you to do this for your mom!! Love it!!

  5. gayle b says

    Wow, such a huge difference, makes it look so much fresher. I must say I absolutely love their kitchen, all the storage space is just amazing

  6. Sue says

    Wow, it is like the kitchen was a little tired and now it is wide-awake! I am a fan of yellow but the white looks fabulous. Um, if you run out of projects, I have a whole house that has great makeover potential – LOL!

    I just love that you have dinner at your folks’ every Sunday. That is a wonderful tradition.


  7. says

    What a difference! My own kitchen cabinets have yellowed due to a poor decision of our painter to apply poly to them… :(. I’m ready to paint my cabinets white too – did you really do this yourself? I am so intimidated!

  8. says

    Wow, so sweet of you! Truly a beautiful kitchen, so bright and cheerful! Hope you’ll hop over and share at Amaze Me Monday!

  9. says

    Looks awesome! I love how the white makes the kitchen look crisper and cleaner. I love the detail on the old hardware; they just don’t make stuff like they used to.

  10. says

    What a transformation! Of course they were pleased!
    (I love that you all gather at your parents’ house for Sunday dinner. We have family dinners every Sunday too.)

  11. Sandy says

    Inspiring! Our home is a 100+ yr old Victorian 18 room farm house. We were fortunate enough to meet the woman whose parents built the house. WONDERFUL history! When we purchased it 40+ years ago, it was all original. Each plaster room required attention. While it seemed endless, we were young and finished it. As you can imagine, it rather killed our improvement side!!

  12. Sandy says

    Apparently exceeded my letter allotment ~

    There are 6 large wooden doorways in our kitchen, we would not want to change their original finish. Builder grade cabinets we installed 40 yrs ago could use an upgrade, would the lighter cabinet meld well with the original woodwork? Opinion please. Love your rooms!

    • says

      Ok, I’m SO HAPPY you want to keep the doors as is! Are the doors light or dark? I would maybe consider using a can of Java to change the cabinets dark. Painting them white is always a great option too… or a subtle color like gray or a very muted green. Send me a pic, I’d love to see the layout and color combinations!

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