Our New Home: The House Tour!

Well, if I’ve been a little absent recently I have a good excuse… we finally closed on our new home!

photoThis past weekend was extremely hectic with all of the movers and unpacking boxes, but I took a couple minutes to snap some photos (yeah, don’t judge me on the quality and color).

So come take a quick tour…

great room 2

great room 3The house is looking pretty stark, but I’m gearing up to pick out paint colors and textiles. Yeah, that’s when the real fun really begins!


dining roomThe rug for the dining room is just so our chairs don’t scratch the floors. It’s a little small for the space and I wanted something a little brighter. Stay tuned… some more details coming about this space later this week!

living roomUh… can you tell I have no clue what I’m doing with this room yet?

kitchenAnd my absolute favorite space in the home… the kitchen!
I’ll  be going into more detail about this room next week.

kitchen breakfast roomOur breakfast room with the butler’s pantry and desk area.
Unfortunately I don’t get my new kitchen table until mid January since it’s on backorder.

hearth room

Yeah, haven’t gotten around to putting together our bed yet, or hanging our chandelier.master bedroom

master bath

master bath 2

ellies roomThe princess’ bedroom.
Just wait until you see the plans we have in store for this space!

guest bedroom

craft roomAnd that would be my craft room. I’m really going to miss my old digs, but I can’t wait to see how this room unfolds into my creative space.


So as you can see we have a bunch of boxes unpacked, but still a lot to do to make this place feel like home! First up on my list is painting a room or two just to add a bit of color in the house.

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  1. Karen says

    I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! I love the fact that the entire house is white and dark wood but I’m excited to see how you color it too!

  2. Alyson says

    Your new home is beautiful! Those wood floors are great, and that kitchen / breakfast area is amazing! I also love those living room chairs and that fun floral medallion rug in your mystery room. I look forward to see your progress with the new place. :-)

  3. Pat F. says

    Congratulations on your new home! It’s beautiful and I am sure will be even more special once you have put your touches on it! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for this beauty! Best wishes on your new home!

    Pat F.

  4. Kathy Otto says

    Congrats on your new home, Erin!!! Looks awesome and I know you will rock it with color and accessories. The fun in yet to come!!

  5. Annie says

    Erin, lovely!! Enjoy….So looking forward to seeing the “Erin Touch”. Have fun…fun…fun, which I know you will.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. says

    I love the floors! Well, really everything about your new house…And look at that amazing blank slate to start putting your fingerprint on every room.

    • says

      Thanks Sarah! I actually purchased the dining room table and sideboard from Ezekiel and Stearns. They are SUPER affordable and LOVE the quality!! They are from my hometown but can ship anywhere ;)

  7. Rosie says

    Hi there, found your blog through Pinterest. Can you give me details about your kitchen tiles? What are they, and are you happy with it?

  8. Janet says

    I love the look of your Hearth Room Sofa, would you mind sharing the details of your sofa?
    Thank You.

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