Get Inspired: 15 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Projects

I’m a big fan of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, mostly because it means I don’t have to sand and prime before painting. Yeah… I can be lazy like that. But I do simply love the effect it can give to a piece. A little bit of character with a quick coat of paint.

So here’s 15 of my favorite chalk paint projects thus far…

15 chalk paint projects


annie sloan chalk paint deskKids Bedroom Desk
Pure White, Paris Gray, Duck Egg Blue

barcelona orange corner tableCorner Table
Barcelona Orange

wood icing accent tableWood Icing Kitchen Drawers
Duck Egg Blue, Country Grey

stenciled highchair makeoverStenciled High Chair
Napoleonic Blue

goodwill-ASCP-pure-white-table-makeover-434x600Great Room End Table
Pure White

stenciled-washer-dryer1Stenciled Washer and Dryer
Country Grey

ASCP console tableConsole Table
Mixture of Duck Egg Blue and Versailles

annie sloan stencil chalk paint cribBaby Crib
Louis Blue, Old White, Antibes Green, Emperor’s Red

chalk paint table makeoverOrnate End Table
Duck Egg Blue, Dark Wax

annie-sloan-chalk-paint-old-whiteSewing Table Makeover
Old White

side-table-chalk-paintDriftwood Style Magazine Table
Paris Gray, Country Grey

finished-mirror-flowersEmbellished Mirror
Paris Gray

chalk-paint-tray-frontNursery Rhyme Tray
Old White

fall table trough centerpieceTable Trough Centerpiece
Pure White

stenciled-top-chalk-paintStenciled Bar Stools
Louis Blue, Country Grey


I have some additional chalk paint projects coming down the pike so stay tuned!

15 chalk paint projects



  1. says

    Hi!!! I have a walnut ? toned fireplace mantle in a Florida room where everything is white. I would like to do it in white with just a bit of “aging.” How would I do that??? Do I paint and then add in some sort of shading? If I sand in spots (and how do I choose where to do that??) it would sand to be brown, not dark. And how do you sand? With small grit??
    And there is carving that would need to have some sort of shading or sanding. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you! Love your work!!

    • says

      Hi Anne! I would suggest painting the entire piece in Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I recommend sanding before you wax as well. I usually use a sanding block from Lowe’s or Home Depot for the larger surface areas. Then when you need to get into crevices, I use a small grit sandpaper (just tear off little sections so it’s easier to work with). Now, where you choose to sand is kind of tricky since it’s almost an art form in itself! I usually start around the edges, giving a little more “elbow grease” in certain areas. Then think about any raised areas and bevels that might have normal wear and tear. Distress those places as well. Start slow, then step back and reevaluate the fireplace mantel before sanding more.

      Next you can “shade” in some areas with dark and clear wax. Make sure you always apply the clear wax first and then the dark wax on top. This way you can always take out some of the dark wax if it’s too much. If you apply the dark wax first, it’s hard to adjust your color once applied. I usually apply my wax with a small rag or a thick round waxing brush (found at Annie Sloan supplier stores). Make sure you are applying the wax very lightly, otherwise it will take forever to dry and dent easily once dried. Thin layers are best!

      I really hope that helps! Now looking back at my posts, I should really give some more step by step instructions! I promise more of those will come in the future now!!

  2. Jill says

    Anne you can get lots of how-to tutorials on you-tube. My favs are Christen Benson of Blue Egg Brown Nest and Simply Reinvented. They have great advice check them out!

  3. says

    Hi Erin! Thanks for this post. I am also a fan of annie sloan. I am taking a class next saturday to learn some new techniques. I bought 2 ikea bed side tables black. They are plain in lines, i have no idea yet what to do with them… The dresser i painted with paris grey and my other dresser with old white and i uphoster the drawers with a fabric that has red, blues and greens…. Do you have an advice regarding color matching? Like how could i decide the colors for the bedside tables wihout looking too much poluted….

    Thank you!

  4. Annie says

    Erin… it all! I have an end table that has a laminate type finish on top of pine and walnut. Stripping laminate off is major work…did that, done that on another table…so chalk paint might be the way to go here, if I can apply the chalk paint directly on top of the laminate without sanding etc.. Have you done any laminate pieces?

    Are you still loving your new home?

    • says

      Hi Annie! Yes, I’ve painted a couple laminate pieces with Annie Sloan, particularly remembering the orange corner table. I might suggest a very light sanding, just to give it a little bit of grip. But if you want to skip that part you’re perfectly fine! Just might take 2 coats to cover well.

      LOVE the house too! Feels like home already ;) Even my kiddo said that this past week which melted my heart!

  5. says

    I would like to paint my brick fireplace. How in the world do I even begin. I try to clean but it still doesn’t look clean and also what would you recommend as a color?

    • says

      Hi Sara! What are some of the colors in the room? Are you thinking white or black? Or maybe just a whitewashed version of your current fireplace? If you send me a picture I might be able to Photoshop some options for you!

  6. Sarah says

    I have never used chalk paint before…This sounds exciting!
    It takes a lot for me to say that, because I’m not crafty, I am impatient (otherwise stated as “where’s the instant gratification?”)

    However, I have an unfinished indoor table that my daughter uses for arts & crafts (this table is like a picnic table and has a corner booth with a hinged lid for storage and a separate bench for seating). I think it might be the perfect starter project).

    In the last few days, I have just become obsessed and addicted to Pinterest ~ I smell trouble brewing soon if I don’t limit my time!
    I saw something else pinned using chalk paint. Someone chalk-painted a pumpkin in black, then had a “countdown” of the number of days until Halloween.

    Anyway, I found you through Pinterest and enjoy your blog!

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