Entry Foyer Refresh

I think the last time you saw my entry foyer it looked a little bit like this…entryVery plain and nothing really going on.

And then last week I attended a school auction and bid $25 for a monstrous wreath. Never thought I would actually win it but alas, I guess it was meant to be.

So after trying for a week to figure out where to put it, I finally landed on our entry foyer and a little makeover began to take place…

home entry makeoverAnd while I still want to get some paint and wainscoting knocked off my to do list in the foyer, at least I’m making some progress.

home entry foyer makeoverI decided to make this space a little functional with storage, including a basket to dump our shoes when we walk in the door. The two baskets on the bottom shelf we fill up nightly with odds and ends to deliver upstairs back to the bedrooms. Then we bring them down again each morning. Nice routine that I really hope sticks.

shoe basket at front entryThis console used to sit in our dining room in the old house, but since I got a new farmhouse table from Ezekiel and Stearns, it didn’t quite match and found a new home in our foyer.

my home entry foyer makeoverAnd everything on top of the console is recycled from our old home, including the book page vase I created last year.

entry foyer wreathHmmm… maybe neutral stripes in this hallway with the wainscoting?
Definitely still needs something.

entry foyer makeoverBut for now the $25 wreath is adding just enough color and interest to hold me over. Until next month most likely…

house entry foyer makeover

home entry makeoverSo, did you ever bid on something at an auction
that you never thought you would actually win?

I also accidentally outbid my sister in law on accident…
OVER bid by $60. Yeah, that’s a story for another day.

my home entry foyer makeover


  1. sheri says

    I love your foyer! It looks so clean and fresh. Very inviting. Thanks for sharing. I reall enjoy reading your blog and get so many ideas and much needed inspiration. Can you share more about how you obtain items for your home using auctions? Was this wreath mailed to you? It is amazing that you were able to win it for $25!!! Every time I go to Hobby Lobby I swoon over their wreaths and flower arrangements but always pass them up due to how expensive they are (even on sale weeks they still are out of my reach).

    • says

      Thank you so much Sheri! The action I attended was actually a school auction with donations that we bid on. And yes, other stores wreaths are SO expensive which is why I knew this was a steal at $25. Be on the lookout on Craigslist. A lot of people redecorate and put old home decor and wreaths up for sale!

  2. Karen Henderson says

    The great thing about your wresth is that it can be used as is or decorated over and over for some holidays. 25.00 is a steal! Wish I had a foyer. Door open into living space. Eventually will have one but just not now :(. Love yours!

  3. says

    Stripes are always fun to do. Vertical … horizontal … big ones … little ones … all different ones. What are you thinking for colors? We’re all going to have foyer envy. I’m like Karen H., our front door opens right into the living room.

    • says

      We didn’t have a foyer in the last home so I feel your pain! I’m thinking big horizontal stripes in neutral tans. Maybe I’ll have to play around a little in Photoshop first before I take the plunge ;)

  4. says

    Love your place but would like to suggest (just a wee suggestion) that the table would look nice with some larger items such as taller, bulkier candlesticks, larger, taller lamp, etc. The items seem a bit dwarfed by that large a wreath. The wreath looks awesome there and really fills that wall.

    • says

      Thank you so much for the suggestion Jeann! I agree, it’s needs some heavier items. I’m going to wait to purchase until the paint and wainscoting are finished. Let’s hope that is sooner rather than later!

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