How to Make a Board Mounted Valance

A couple weeks ago I showed you how we created the DIY window cornices in our kitchen. Well I wanted to do a little something different for our hearth room so instead we decided to create professional-looking Board Mounted Valances… and here’s how.


I purchased some 51 inch wide valances online that was a great fabric and pattern, plus had a fun detailed trim and scalloped edge. Since I wanted the valances to look professionally installed I opted for the Board Mounted Valance installation with some simple 2×4 boards I had in my basement from a previous project. 

size of boardNow for the measuring fun… Each 2×4 board is NOT 2×4″ on the sides. It’s actually more like 1.5 x 3.5 inches. So if you add the two side widths, that was 7 inches total off my valance fabric length, leaving me with 44 inches for the broad side of the board for the remainder of the fabric valance that is 51 inches wide.

window treatment tutorialSince my window was 35 inches wide that left me with 4.5 inches overlap for each side of the valance. PERFECT in my book.

measure diy window board valancesSo now it’s time to mark the fabric valances where I need to iron a crease. As noted the side of each board is 3.5 inches so I measured and marked that on the back of each valance on the left and right sides. Once everything was marked I ironed a sharp crease in all 5 valances for the hearth room.

board valances diy projectNow back to the boards. I lined it with velcro. Yep, velcro. I figured this was an easy way to change out the valance fabric if I ever change my mind, or take down to wash or dust.

diy board valance tutorialThen I pressed the fabric valance all the way around the velcro-lined boards.

board valance tutorialAnd if you measure right, everything should line up perfectly!
Including that crease that you ironed into the fabric right at the corner of your board.

diy board valances tutorialAfter each one was complete, I laid it on the end of my kitchen table to make sure the fabric was perfect before hanging. 

board mounted valance tutorialNow it’s time to measure for the installation of the L brackets. The easiest way was to measure 5 inches and mark it on a paint stick. Line up the marked edge with the top of the window, then draw a line just above the paint stick. Mark TWO SPOTS above every window for the L brackets.

measure board valancesThe top flat part of the L bracket sat at the marked line on the wall. And since we didn’t have studs in those areas, we used drywall anchors to secure to the walls.

how to hang board mounted valanceThen it was time to place the board valance on top of the L brackets and screw into place. Make sure it’s centered above the window before you start screwing!

how to hang board valanceAnd that’s it! From start to finish these 5 windows (yes, FIVE!) took us less than 3 hours, and that included cutting the boards, ironing and all of the measuring, etc.

hearth room makeover revealI actually came across this idea when walking through a model display home of a local home builder. I loved their window treatments, examined how they were made, and was simply amazed at the ease of the project.

hearth room makeoverAnd trust me, it might be a little harder than it actually is. Don’t be fooled by my long-winded tutorial. Just a couple 2x4s and L brackets. That’s it! And you’ll have professional looking window treatments in just one afternoon!

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    Very pretty! I like the detail on the bottom!! Thinking of doing this to my dining room but actually making the valance myself. I have a hard time finding curtains I like not to mention the prices are outrageous! I just bought curtains for my living room and couldn’t find sheers I liked so I bought a stamp and some paint that matched my new curtains. Stamped away yesterday! Love the way they came out!

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      The Velcro brand actually makes some specifically to be used with fabric. Some are heat activated and some are just industrial strength bonding (which is what I used). Hope that helps! I purchased it from Lowe’s ;)

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