Metallic Silver Birds

Do ever just have the urge to spray paint? I get an itch for it all the time, especially when the weather is nice and cool early in the morning… so like 4 days out of the year in St. Louis.

Well the other day I was looking through my collection of spray paints in my basement workshop and found some metallic silver. Never used it before… and not really sure why not. I’m pretty sure I bought it for some project or another… ok, maybe not. I’m addicted to spray paint and I’m a bit of a hoarder. But it was time to give this metallic tone a try.

So I had some $1 birds I recently purchased for a little Spring project that never came about so why not put them to good use with a quick coat of metallic silver spray paint.

metallic silver spray paintI just set the little birds on top of a scrap piece of wood out in the grass and went to town with the silver metallic spray paint.

spray painted metallic birdsAnd about 15 seconds later they looked like this…

metallic silver spray painted birdsI had to turn them a bit once that side dried to make sure paint got into all of the crevices,
but seriously this was a 5 minute project.

metallic silver painted birds

silver metallic spray painted birdsActually I’m quite impressed with how the silver metallic paint actually shines.
And it coated these birds quite beautifully.

silver metallic painted birds

silver painted birds

metallic spray paint $1 birdsI probably could have painted about 25 different little figurines with this can of spray paint, but I stopped at 4. Took everything I had in me not to walk around the house finding other things to paint silver. TRUST ME.

spray painted metallic figurines


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