The Blue Kitchen Counter Stools

So when we first moved into our home, I really wanted some rattan counter height stools for the kitchen island. I found some I absolutely loved from Pier 1 Imports, but they didn’t have four in stock. So that’s why I had mismatched chairs in my kitchen for the first few months…

kitchenWell after trying out the two rattan stools that we were able to purchase, we realized that while they looked beautiful, they weren’t the most comfortable chairs on earth. I mean… we sit on these chairs every night for dinner (yes, we have a breakfast room table but have only had dinner there twice since we moved in 7 months ago). Plus little crumbs got into the crevices of the rattan and it drove me bonkers. But I LOVE the look.

So then I starting toying around with the idea of using my parents old counter stools. I grew up in a house that didn’t have a kitchen table, just a large peninsula that held 6 chairs (that’s probably why sitting at the counter for dinner each night feels like home to me). Well my mom was replacing her old blue leather counter stools and I decided to snag them before they hit the trashcan.

And from far away they look ok…
They even match my window cornices.

how to nest for less kitchenUp close? A little rough.
The leather needs some help in a few spots.

blue kitchen counter stoolsAnd the wood has some knicks and scratches.
Again, nothing noticeable from far away, just up close it’s a hot mess.

blue leather kitchen counter stoolsSo, what to do? I’ve never reupholstered anything in my life. I don’t even know how to sew. Don’t really think I could tackle a reupholstering project on my own. I looked up these chairs online to just buy replacements. Uh… $500 each! Yeah, ain’t gonna happen.

kitchen counter stoolsAnd Pier 1 Imports does have the other rattan counter stools in stock now. I LOVE how they looked, but again the comfort and crumbs might annoy me to no end.

kitchenSo… Blue leather or rattan?

how to nest for less kitchen

Any suggestions from you guys?
Should I try to find someone to reupholster and paint these?
Keep searching for the perfect chairs?

Or just stop worrying about the stools and paint the kitchen already?
Yeah… it’s on my list. My looooong to-do list.



  1. Tina says

    My thoughts– if you can’t take them apart to paint the wood, keeping the blue for now, then just touch up the wood, repairing some of the “love” and move them to the BOTTOM of your to-do list :)

  2. says

    You can totally paint the stools, leather and all! There are tons of tutorials out there about using Annie Sloan and CeCe Caldwell paints and wax to have them feel like leather, not painted. If you have a stockist nearby, they may have already painted leather and could give you help.

  3. Omar Delgado says

    Keep searching for the perfect chairs? The Blue leather chairs just don’t go with the flow of your kitchen, I’m talking about lines !!!

  4. carmen gigstead says

    The blue chairs aren’t the right shape. Go with the style of the Rattan but in different covering.

  5. Jenny says

    I’d keep searching. The blue leather chairs are too bulky for the space. The circle on the bottom just doesn’t seem to match the other pieces. Maybe too contemporary? Of course, you’ll probably fix them all up and they’ll look great. LOL!

  6. Tara says

    I would paint the wood part and recover the upholstered part. I bet you can just pop-off the leather parts and easily recover with fabric. If not, I have seen some great furniture do-overs where folks used chalk paint to paint over worn upholstery. You could give that a try.

  7. andrea says

    I say ditch the rattan chairs…comfort and cleanliness wins out over beauty unless you live in a show house (I certainly don’t…) why not see what you can do with the leather chairs? what’s the worst that could happen? you might even be pleasantly surprised at how they turn out! if you don’t like the finished product, you could always continue searching at that point :)

  8. Cyndi says

    I’d keep the rattan chairs or keep looking. The blue ones are too bulky and really don’t seem to fit your room.

  9. Jill says

    I think you should not use either of these stools but rather you should find stools in the shape of the rattan ones but with a leather upholstery, maybe even some nailhead trim. That style would go with your decor much better. But if you really want to keep the rattan ones, maybe you could make or buy some thin flat cushions for the seats to make them more comfortable as well as crumb- friendly. The blue ones are just way too chunky looking for you space. Sell them on craigslist… I’m sure someone could give them a new home.

  10. Darcie says

    I couldn’t really tell if the rattan chairs have cushions or not, but if not could you put some cushions on them in leather or vinyl to help with the comfort and keeping the crumbs out? Just wipe of the seats and it may help them stay clean. I also love the look of rattan chairs and way back when I saved to get some, but after my daughter (who is grown now) started sitting in a regular chair, I couldn’t keep up with the grub from her hands on everything. The leather stools are gorgeous but they seem too heavy, maybe if you paint them white they will seem lighter visually.

  11. Melissa says

    Coming from someone who has a bar where 2 lovely girls eat A LOT, I would suggest if you do replace them, make sure you go with leather or fake leather. We bought some bar stools with microfiber seats and your hot mess looks like a beach vacation compared to what is happening over here. I think the sentimental factor of them being your mom’s and now yours is worth a lot, so it makes investigating reupholstering seem like a good idea (just because you get estimates does not mean you have to go that route). Good luck in your search.

  12. Charli says

    Just reupholster them. It’s not hard. I bet if you asked around you could find a girlfriend whose done a basic project like these would be. She can help. Or paint them. Yes, you can paint the upholstery too.

  13. kw says

    Sorry for the duplicate posts! Not sure what happened, plus it cut off the rest of my relpy.

    I don’t think the leather stools go with your style.
    I think the rattan ones look great, but if they don’t fit and function well, then they aren’t worth it!

    Paint the kitchen….keep your eyes open to bar stools and you will find thr right ones!
    Have fun…paint…tackle the list and it will come together!

  14. says

    Take them apart and then decide. Once they are apart, you’ll be able to see how easy it is to reapohlster them. I just did mine (just the seats…no backs) using a really pretty curtain panel I found at Target. They look amazing.

    Also, once they are apart you may find that you want to put a solid piece of wood on the backs or seats which would change the look completely. Don’t like the circle at the bottom? Take it off and replace it with straight pieces.

    You can so do this!


  15. Robyn S. says

    Those would be super easy to reupholster if you take them apart. Just take the chairs apart, take off the existing leather, and use it to cut a pattern out of whatever material you choose. I would go with nice looking vinyl probably. It’s not hard, you could totally do it.

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