Rope Nautical Wreath

Every year my entire family (brothers, sister, parents, grandkids and all) head to Panama City Beach for 1 week of vacation relaxing on the beach. This year though we decided to try something that we haven’t done in 15 years… head to Breckenridge, Colorado for a week in the mountains. We leave mid July but it can’t come soon enough.

So I think this next project came from wanting a little piece of the beach with me at home this summer since I won’t be seeing it in person. So say hello to my Rope Nautical Wreath…

rope nautical wreathI have to admit, I totally winged this project. I would like to say that I totally thought it out and planned all of the pieces, but it was really a hodge podge of different items I had in my craft stash, plus one or two new finds.

rope nautical wreath suppliesSUPPLIES:

  • straw wreath form (still in plastic)
  • 100ft sisal rope
  • greenery pins
  • twine
  • seashell garland from Michael’s (on sale for $10)
  • anchor hook from Hobby Lobby (on sale for $4)

Start my wrapping your rope around the wreath form. Pin in place on the back side every so often with a greenery pin.

rope nautical wreath tutorialBecause the rope is a little thick, you’ll need some gaps in your design. I just went back over my gaps with another layer of rope afterwards.

rope wreathAnd here’s what it looked like when I was done with the rope layers…

rope nautical wreath craftNext it was time to add the little anchor I found at Hobby Lobby. Since it was a hook, I just unscrewed the hook part off the back so I could use the anchor part on my wreath.

nautical rope wreathI attached to the wreath form with a little bit of twine.

wreath rope nauticalI added the seashells the same way… just wrapped a little bit of twine about 2 times around the wreath and shells to secure in place. I tied a knot in the twine on the back side of wreath form.

And that’s it. Pretty simple wreath but I love the look! I’m thinking about adding some nautical fabric as a bow or hanger but for now this suits me just fine.

rope nautical wreath

rope seashell wreath tutorial

rope seashell wreathSo are you guys headed to the beach this summer,
or do you have different vacation plans?

I have to admit, I’m pretty stoked about Colorado.
Ellie has never been and her favorite activity right now is hiking.
Plus getting a break from the heat will be SO NICE!

rope nautical wreath

DIY Patriotic Wreath

You know if I was a planner I totally would have done this wreath before Memorial Day so I could have used it this Spring. Oh well, instead I scored a bunch of my supplies on sale or clearance. I count that as a win in my book!

DIY 4th of july wreathSo in all 4 years of blogging, I’ve never made a patriotic wreath. Isn’t that sad? I figured it was about time that I got to work on this and decided to kind of mimic my Fall flower and burlap wreath.

patriotic wreath suppliesSUPPLIES:

  • straw wreath still wrapped in plastic
  • burlap (I picked chevron & plain)
  • red, white & blue ribbon
  • greenery pins
  • red, white & blue silk flowers

burlap wrapped patriotic wreathDIRECTIONS:
To get started I wrapped my wreath form in plain burlap. This just helps hide any mistakes and makes the whole wreath look cleaner.

Next I started adding the chevron burlap. I basically just looped and pinned, over and over and over again. Only on about 1/2 of the wreath form though. The rest you’ll fill in with flowers.

patriotic burlap wreathFor the flowers, I took them off the stem. To stick on the wreath form I used a greenery pin and stuck one side through the middle of the flower where the stem used to be. Seriously the best trick ever. Those flowers won’t go anywhere.
how to attach flowers to a wreathLeave just a little gap for a big bow. But so far your wreath should look like this…

DIY patriotic wreathNext take your red, white and blue ribbons (I picked a thick and thin ribbon and looped them together in a big bow). Pin it to the little empty space on your wreath.

And that’s it. Pretty simple, I promise!

patriotic DIY wreathAnd you can always go back and fluff your burlap loops. Don’t worry if they don’t look uniform at first. Also, you can repin if necessary.

patriotic burlap wreath DIY

4th of july wreath

4th of july burlap wreathSeriously loving this new DIY patriotic wreath, and it took me under an hour to construct! Look for sales on supplies though so you’re not spending a fortune. Grab those coupons or maybe even wait until after the 4th of July to snag stuff on clearance! Nothing wrong with making one in advance for next year!

DIY 4th of july wreath