St. Patrick’s Day Kitchen

Yeah I know it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet, but I decided to skip over that holiday and get the house ready for St. Patrick’s Day instead. I’m not huge on decorating for each individual holiday, but our white kitchen sometimes screams for some pops of color.

So here’s what it looks like with a little kiss of the Irish…

st patricks day kitchenOne of my favorite new additions to the space is my burlap and ribbon chair ties. So easy to do and didn’t cost much to make a big impact!

st patricks day chair covers

st patricks day chair coversOur center island is now home to a happy orange and green bouquet of flowers, plus a little boxwood and of course some yummy green apples.

kitchen st pattys day decorI normally don’t keep a lot on my countertops since I have the metal shelving that keeps most of my items within an arm’s reach.

kitchen decorations st patricks dayOn the shelving I added just a little DIY shamrock banner.

shamrock st patricks day bannerThen on the countertops I framed one of my free St. Patrick’s Day printables and set it aside some beautiful orange roses.

st patricks day free printableI also Mod Podged some torn scrapbook paper onto a paper mache letter for our last name. And of course next to it sits an orange bowl of candy. If you’ve read my kitchen posts before, you know I always keep bowls of candy on the counters.

st patricks day decorations

st patricks day kitchen decorAround the sink area I added a little bit of color with some orange flowers in a small pitcher.

st patricks day kitchenI also found this cute little leprechaun a couple years ago. He seems to find his way into my décor every year. I mean how could he not with those adorable rosy cheeks?

st pattys day kitchenI also found this new little Irishman at Michael’s this year. It’s crazy… I apparently misplaced a big box of St. Patrick’s Day decorations during our move into the new home. I’ve given up hope of finding it so I did buy a couple new things this year, including him.

st pattys day decorations

kitchen st patricks day decorAnd the last touch of St. Patrick’s Day I added to our kitchen was some polka dot ribbon on our lanterns that was leftover from the chair ties.

st patricks day decorations

st patricks day kitchenThis week I’ll show you how I made the scrapbook paper letter
and the shamrock banner so stay tuned!

So, do you guys decorate for every little holiday?
Or do you only deck the halls for Christmas?

kitchen st patricks day decorations

Last Minute Christmas Wreath

I really debated whether or not to post about this. It’s one of those projects that doesn’t take a lot of effort or skill. But then I was thinking, maybe they haven’t done this before? It kinda feels like cheating in my book to do something this simple, but when Christmas is only 10 days away you’ll pretty much do anything.

So here’s my last minute Christmas wreath for under $20.

last minute christmas wreathMy secret?

I only bought 2 supplies, both 50% off at Michaels this week.
A flocked wreath ($10) and a little Santa chalkboard sign ($7.50).

Yep, a new wreath for basically $17.50 plus tax.

christmas wreath ideaFirst thing I did was personalize the sign with a chalkboard marker (I got a whole set of these markers on Amazon last year, they’re simply awesome). On a side note, I stink at calligraphy or detailed lettering. I just don’t have a fine hand (even though I’m an artist by trade). So with lettering  I usually stick with dotted capital letters. At least it looks like I put forth a little effort.

personalized DIY christmas wreathNow for the easy part. The sign for your wreath will have a little hook or loop for hanging. I use that to secure the sign to the wreath. If your sign doesn’t have one of these, drill a hole in the sides of the sign (like I did on my Cardinals baseball wreath).

christmas wreath ideasI used some green wiring to secure the loop to the black wire base of the wreath form.

christmas wreath last minute idea

And that’s it.
I’m serious. It took me all of 10 minutes.

last minute christmas wreath ideaNo one will ever know it took you longer to pick out what to wear this morning than the time you spent making this wreath.

DIY personalized christmas wreathI would show you more of my Christmas front porch except I didn’t do one single thing to the outside of our home this holiday season… well, with the exception of this wreath. After my Christmas kitchen, family room, and sun room I was done for the season. Plus it really wasn’t in the budget for this year. But my plan is to hit up the clearance aisles right after Christmas and grab some goodies for 80% off! How about you?

last minute christmas wreath