Kitchen Industrial Shelving

A couple months ago I showed you this awkward space in our kitchen where the cabinets just seem to stop, leaving us with a 4ft wide bare gap. I tried filling it with artwork but it still seemed pretty empty and bland.

gold leaf wall artI hope to someday fill this space with a wine fridge and built ins like my parents’ living room (well, on a much smaller scale), but I don’t have that kind of cash to spend as of right now. So instead I gave it the old “nest for less” treatment and purchased some kitchen industrial metal shelves. And here’s what the space looks like now…

wire shelving unit in kitchenNot too shabby for a $67 purchase.

Yep, only $67 from Amazon (not an affiliate link). Before the purchase I figured if I hated how the metal shelves looked in the kitchen, I could always use them in the garage or basement instead. Win-win bargain shopping.

kitchen wire shelving unitI filled the shelves with some items that I wanted on display and within an arm’s reach, such as my mixing bowls, cutting boards and cookbooks.

kitchen metal shelving unitI love the fact that I can now keep my kitchen counters clutter-free by putting my small kitchen appliances on the new shelves instead. Plus I opened up some additional storage space in my cabinets with this new system.

kitchen wire shelving unitI also like how the metal goes nicely with my stainless steel appliances.

kitchen industrial shelvingNow the next thing I need to work on in my kitchen is the backsplash. A couple weeks ago I showed some options on my Instagram and I think I decided on white subway tiles with darker grout. This project is tentatively on the schedule for the weekend after Labor Day (yeah, fingers crossed).

So I’m making baby steps towards getting this kitchen completed.
Still on my kitchen to-do list:

•  Backsplash
•  Trim out kitchen island
•  Build out on top of cabinets
•  Built in platter rack near fridge
•  Kitchen command center

kitchen shelving unit

So do you have awkward spaces in your kitchen?
Would you do a cheap fix for now like me,
or just save your money and wait to do it right?

How to Make No Sew Curtains

When I first started shopping for my craft room curtain panels, I couldn’t find anything in the stores that totally wooed me. I found TONS of amazingly colorful, vibrant fabrics online, but well… I don’t know how to sew and was a little terrified of the process.

So while I’ve never actually tried no-sew curtains before, I wanted to take that risk. I mean, how hard could it be to wing it? Apparently not very, cause I feel like I nailed it. And aaaah, I’m in love. Now let me show you how I got my no-sew groove on…

how to make no sew curtain panelsFirst of all, I want to thank everyone that voted for this Braemore Gorgeous Petal Fabric last month. It’s so dreamy in person! And thick. Awesomely enough I didn’t have to line these curtains due to that fact.

So first thing I did was measure and cut (2) curtain panels at 100 inches each. The ceiling is 8ft tall (96 inches) but I needed room for a clean “hemline” so I added 4 inches on the top and bottom, minus the 4 inches that the curtains would hang down from the ceiling.

96 inch floor-to-ceiling length – 4 inch rod hang down + 8 inches for hems
= 100 inch panels lengths each

no sew curtains with heat bondSo my secret for these no sew curtains? Heat n Bond iron-on adhesive. I only needed (2) ten yard rolls to complete the project too.

no sew curtains for craft roomTo prepare for the Heat n Bond, I first ironed a one inch seam on the side edges of the curtain panels.

heat n bond no sew curtainsThen I laid a strip of the Heat n Bond on top of the seam paper side up. I ironed it for 2 seconds so it adhered the fabric, then peeled off the paper.

no sew curtain tutorialI then folded over the fabric again to create a clean backside seam as seen below, and ironed into place for 8 seconds on both sides of the fabric.

make no sew curtainsOnce the sides were completed, I used the same strategy for the top and bottom hemline, except I made the sections a bit thicker (I thought it just looked more professional looking!).

no sew curtains with heat n bondThe toughest part is making sure your measurements are done correctly, especially with hanging the curtains a few inches off the ceiling on the rod. I was pretty spot-on with mine, but if you want you can finish the sides and top, hang on the rod, then pin the bottom seam before you use the Heat n Bond.

Still impressed with myself that I created these
beautiful no sew curtains in one evening!

how to make no sew curtain panelsAnd did I mention how much I LOVE this fabric?
Ellie actually cried when she found out these were for my craft room and not her bedroom. Mother of the Year here. Well, I guess I foresee another no sew curtain project in my near future for that little ladybug.

braemore gorgous petal fabric curtainsI should mention that since I didn’t put a curtain rod pocket I had to use ring clips. That’s OK. I’m a huge fan of these puppies anyway. Adds a bit of glamour to the space, if I do say so myself.

how to make no sew curtains

no sew curtains with iron adhesiveNext on my craft room to do list is paint the stripes on the left wall and add some chair rail and picture frame moldings. Then hang things on the wall, find a rug, recover some chairs and I’m DONE!

craft room floral drapes

how to make no sew curtain panels

A huge thanks to the Online Fabric Store who provided the fabric.
All opinions are 100% my own.