5 Minute Lamp Shade Makeover

A couple months ago I purchased this little navy (actually almost like a denim) lamp and shade for our great room. It went on a little side table between our couch and one of the chairs. I loved the color, but it was just… normal. So over the weekend I decided to give it a bit of glam.

great room navy lamp shadeAnd of course almost every crafting project begins with burlap.
Luckily I had a roll in my craft room waiting for me.

burlap lamp shade accentI hot glued a strip around the lamp shade. I didn’t hot glue the top and bottom all the way around since I didn’t want the burlap to tug too much. Just a spot here and there did the trick.

burlap accent on lamp shadeNow to add a little pizzazz. I have a collection of embellishment flowers. Like a BIG collection. For some reason I’m just drawn to them, probably since I know the flowers can easily be added to anything… like a vase or a monogrammed hair bow holder

accent flower embellishmentsFor this project I chose a gold glittery sunflower since my great room has lots of pops of gold. A bunch of hot glue did the trick to hold it in place. And don’t judge my hot glue gun. It gets used… a lot. Can you tell?

updating a lamp shade on the cheapSo here we are, 5 minutes later. With a transformed lamp shade.

updated crafty lamp shade

lamp shade makeoverAnd you can barely see the burlap seam on the back of the lamp shade.

lamp shade make over

burlap lamp shade makeover

easy lamp shade makeover 




Staircase Photo Gallery Wall + My Photo Printing Saga

One of the last projects in my old house was a photo gallery wall at our staircase leading to the lower level.

great room photo gallery wallWell over the weekend I decided to fill up the staircase leading to the second floor in the new house with the same frames. The only problem… half of them broke during the move. Luckily my local Walmart had the same frames still in stock so I scooped up what they had left with the hopes of finding more later.

So since I knew I was buying the additional frames from Walmart, I decided to just go ahead and order some prints from the same location. 

Early Saturday morning I head out to pick up them up and the woman checking me out in the photo department said there was a note on the package… I need a copyright release form from the photographer. The only problem? I was the photographer. And they somehow needed proof that I actually took the photos. Uhh… how does someone prove that?? Bring up my laptop? Take some photos right there of her and show how I can capture all the beauty in overhead florescent lighting?

I tried to explain that I just have a pretty good camera and know Photoshop well enough to fake somewhat good photos. I have a blog. I’m a graphic designer. I basically take photos daily. 

The worker asked if I had a business card to prove my blog, but of course I didn’t. I told her I could pull up my website on my phone to prove it, but she said it had to be a business card or a signed copyright release form on letterhead. URGH. So I left the store with new frames in hand, and zero photos to fill them.

I ran home to grab a business card just to run back up to the store to try and prove I took those photos. But luckily my husband had to run some errands and said he would swing by Walmart for me, business card in hand.

Aaaaand… they didn’t even ask him for it. Nope. They straight up gave him the photos, no questions asked. No copyright release form needed. No business card to prove my blog. Let’s just say it was a long Saturday morning and I will now go back to ordering all of my prints online.

So… back to the project.

photo gallery wall command brandSince I knew I would be regularly changing out the photos and adding some new ones in the short future, I went ahead and used the Command Brand strips to hang the frames. 

And 10 minutes later my staircase looked like this…

staircase photo galleryWe also installed some mahogany bamboo natural shades on the large window at the landing.

And I want to almost double the amount of frames. Is that too many? I just love displaying family photos though and think this is one of the best places in the home to have a gallery wall.

staircase photo gallery wallSo at least we’re making a lot of progress in this space, but there’s still two more projects I want to tackle: install a valance like this one from Wayfair and change out the pendant lighting.

staircase roman shadeWould it be weird if I used our old dining room chandelier? Remember I found the new one at Costco for $100? Well our old Oil Rubbed Bronze chandelier is just sitting in the basement and I think it might look really good with all of the dark elements and fill up the space a little better. 

staircase layout photo gallery Your thoughts?
Is a dining room chandelier too big for this space?