Belle Craie Painted Nightstands with Glaze

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys had a nice weekend. Mine was filled with lots of paint projects, mostly for the two bedrooms we’re crashing in at brother’s house.

So today I’m sharing the new nightstands I’ve been working on for the past week. I tried a new paint/glaze and I’m in love with the final look.

painted nightstands zincI scored 2 of these for $20 each from St. Vincent DePaul thrift store right up the road.
The nightstands actually started out like this…

nighstand beforeThe old cherry wood really didn’t go with my new décor for the bedroom so I decided to try out Belle Craie paint on them. This is a new type of chalk paint I picked up from Red Posie (my favorite local vintage & paint supply store). The color I chose is Pavia and it’s a gorgeous gray/green tone.

pavia belle craie paintLaurie from Red Posie talked me into trying a Pearl Effects glaze over the paint. I was a little hesitant since I’ve never used it before, but after applying it with a pad applicator I quickly fell in love!

general finishes pearl effects red posieHere  you can see one nightstand with just the Belle Craie chalk paint, and the other with the General Finishes Pearl Effects glaze. The glaze really deepened the color and added a super cool glimmer to the nightstand.

pavie belle craie painted nightstandsAnd here’s the final piece…

painted nightstands zincSee up close how it shimmers?

belle craie nightstands paviaAnd I basically just wiped it on with the pad applicator. Not too thick, just a quick once over. Besides the shine, I also love the dark glaze left in the crevices.

belle craie pavia nightstands

belle craie painted nighstands

painted nighstands

belle craie pavia with zincI’m still working on finishing this guest bedroom makeover, but I’m happy to have the nightstands out of the way (hello extra storage!).

If you don’t live here in St. Louis near Red Posie, you can still order paint and glazes from them online. CLICK HERE. And if you don’t see something on their website, give them a call and they’ll ship it out to you!

painted nightstands with pearl effects

Breakfast Room + House Flow

I think this is the last post I have with photos/projects from the old house, crazy. But I guess we’ve been out of the house now for a month already so it’s time to move on.

So I showed you guys my butler’s pantry a few months back, but it didn’t really give you guys a wide angle shot of our breakfast room and a peek into how the house really flowed. Today I thought I would give you that glimpse into our “old” home. 

painted butlers pantryI absolutely loved the table in our old breakfast room. I purchased it from Value City Furniture when we first moved into this home. It was extremely cheap, but very sturdy. Plus the table extended to 108 inches which I totally loved for entertaining. Let’s just hope this baby fits in the new house.

butler's pantry breakfast roomThe end chairs are from World Market and unfortunately WM no longer sells them. I know, bummer. The chairs were my first major purchase for the last place and the charcoal blue color actually set the tone for the entire house.

breakfast room chairsThe breakfast room opened up to our bright white kitchen. My favorite part of that space? The huge kitchen island that comfortably fit 4 chairs. 

butlers pantry breakfast roomAnd I have to admit, we only used our breakfast room a handful of times. 99% of meals were at the kitchen island with Ben & Ellie sitting and me standing on the other side (yeah, I  know there were 2 other chairs available, but for some reason I like to stand when I eat. Anyone else?).

white kitchen subway tileMy kitchen command center was next to our pantry, coat closet, and the small hallway that lead to our laundry room and powder room. Yeah, it annoyed me how many doors were just around that corner. And I had always planned to make a platter wall rack on that bare wall to the left of the fridge. Never got around to that one. Whoops.

kitchen tour planning centerFrom the kitchen you stare into the sun room and family room. It was kind of weird having 2 large sitting room-type areas right next to each other (and the formal living room was around the corner). No one needs that many places to sit… well, unless you’re the Duggar family.

sun room breakfast room view

sun room makeoverAnd while I did love the sun room and staring out into our woods, the family room was where we spent most of our time.

family roomHere you can see how it looks back to the breakfast room and kitchen area.

family room kitchen makeover

family room makeoverThe family room opened up to our entryway foyer. Still love that blue front door; might need to implement that in the next house as well.

entry foyer makeoverThe French doors to the left lead to our living room, and across the hall (kind of behind that cream buffet wall) was our dining room. Still notice a lot of blue, don’t you? I told you those breakfast room chairs set the color scheme for my house.

dining room makeoverSo I did love the flow of our last home, but it was too big for us. Great for entertaining, but a pain to clean for a family of 3. And I definitely learned that you don’t have to buy a big house to be happy. We’re excited to downsize and get that cozy feeling back.

Now if they would just start building the next house…
We’re next on the list to dig the hole for our foundation. Yes, finally.

new homesiteI have SO MUCH to show you guys in the next two weeks:

newly painted nightstands
• OPI paint project
my first Plutonium spray paint project
an IKEA hack dresser

Can you tell it’s painting season for me?