canon t2i erin

Yowza, I can’t believe it’s been 4 years with you guys. What a crazy 48 months it has been! Back when I started this blog Ben was in night school and working crazy hours at Red Robin. I was left alone to work on our first home, project by project, with a 3 year old in tow. Now […]

Living Room Makeover

entry foyer to living room

I hope you guys had a Happy Mother’s Day! I enjoyed a nice weekend of shopping, painting, and hanging out with my family…. just what I asked for! So before we put the house on the market I decided to paint and stage the last few empty rooms in our home. This included our dining room, laundry […]

Bathroom Rules Free Printable

bathroom rules free printables

Not every space needs a huge makeover. Sometimes you just need one really cool thing to finish off a room. Case in point, a bathroom. Nothing fancy for this space, just hang some colorful towels and a really fun piece of art to make it come alive. So today I’m sharing with you guys a free Bathroom Rules […]

Dining Room Makeover

dining room makeover

I’ve been promising you guys for a couple weeks now that I would show you some rooms in the old house that I quickly decorated before we put it up on the market. Today I’m sharing one of my favorites… the dining room! This room has no windows so it was always seemed a little […]

Why I Choose Affordable Furniture

sauder chair

One of the things that bugged me about our last home was when people would say it looked like a display. Not the “oh, it looks really well put together” kind of compliment, but the “sweetie, don’t touch that, you might break it” kind of comment. I would always tell visitors that nothing in my […]