IVF Update: The Transfer

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen the update yesterday about our IVF journey (you can read Part OnePart Two, and Part Three for more details).

So let me back up a bit…

For the past couple of weeks to prepare for the actual IVF procedure I’ve been taking 10 different medications and up to 4 shots a day. Yay, fun stuff.

IVF medications

Last week’s ultrasound showed that my eggs were growing at a healthy pace, but kind of unevenly. Some were maturing faster than others (which can often happen but it would mean that I wouldn’t have as many mature eggs as we first hoped for).

I took off last Friday for more testing, ultrasounds, and to mentally prepare for the retrieval scheduled for Saturday. It’s a good thing too. Apparently my body was just got to a point where I had too many hormones pumping through my veins and I ended up puking my brains out all day Friday. Sorry, TMI. Should have warned you, hah.

Luckily I was feeling much better by Friday night and on Saturday we went to the doctor’s office for the retrieval. They put me under for this. Thank goodness, I’ve heard stories about girls that stayed awake through the process and it does NOT sound fun. Considering how much discomfort I was in the following days from this procedure, I couldn’t imagine being fully awake for it.

When I did wake up from the retrieval they told us they had 13 of my eggs. We should have to wait until the next day to get the full report.

Sunday morning we got the call:
13 eggs retrieved, 6 mature eggs, 5 fertilized.

We’d have to wait 48 hours to hear how many fertilized eggs would make it to Day 3.

I can’t even begin to describe how nerve wracking those 48 hours were. What if we went through this entire process and none of the eggs survived to Day 3?

On Tuesday afternoon I finally received the call. It was so odd. The nurse just started spitting out numbers to me. I had NO CLUE what she was talking about. Fragmented percentages and number of cells. Uh what? Maybe I should have done a little more research to prepare myself for this one… Thank goodness Ben asks a million questions to doctors and nurses and wouldn’t let her off the phone until everything was explained in detail.

At the end of the phone call we at least had some positive news:
All 5 of the fertilized eggs had made it thus far, 100% fertilization (which was crazy good news), plus there was another egg that matured and fertilized late the in the game.

Egg 1: 7 cells, 10% fragmented
Egg 2: 8 cells, 10% fragmented
Egg 3: 4 cells, 0% fragmented
Egg 4: 6 cells, 0% fragmented
Egg 5: 8 cells, 0% fragmented
Egg 6: 4 cells, 10% fragmented

We were looking for 6-9 cells, less than 25% fragmentation. At least 4 were right on track.

Ben and I wouldn’t know anything else about the embryos/blastocysts until the morning of the IVF transfer (yesterday). It’s pretty scary going into the transfer not knowing which, if any, will make it that far.

But when we arrived yesterday morning, they gave us a photo of our two healthiest blastocysts that were ready to be transferred. Aren’t they adorable? I think they have Ben’s eyes.

image1The transfer only took about 10 minutes and didn’t hurt at all. Now I’m just sitting here on bedrest, watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to pass the time.

The other blastocysts? We won’t get the information on them until later today to see if they are OK to freeze. I don’t even know how many of them are still viable. Fingers crossed some of them will make it!

So when will we know if this worked?

I will get a blood test next Thursday with the results of the IVF. Crazy that in just under a week we will know if we’re pregnant! I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, prayers, or positive baby vibes! I can’t begin to tell you how much your support has meant through this process. So thank you!



Plutonium Spray Painted Crystal Vase

So on Monday I showed you guys Ellie’s “temporary” bedroom makeover at my brother’s house, now I’ll be showing you guys some of the fun DIY projects that went along with it! First up… a fun tin vase makeover.

painted tin vaseI actually found this gray tin vase at HomeGoods in the clearance section for $3. I wanted something tall for on top of her toy organizer, but it wasn’t the right color. So in came Plutonium Spray Paint.

plutonium spray painted vaseI used this spray paint for Ellie’s book holder that I showed you guys a couple weeks ago. I truly loved the paint color and had some leftover so decided put it to good use! One quick coat and the vase was covered, dried in about 5 minutes as well. Love this paint.

spray painted plutonium vaseTo match Ellie’s new bedspread I added some crystal circle gemstones from Hobby Lobby.

painted crystal vaseI just kind of spaced them out as I went along, leaving out the center diamond (so it matched her bedspread a little more). Then I just filled the vase with some hot pink and white flowers.

painted tin vase

plutonium painted tin vase

Total cost of project…
Vase: $3
Crystals: $1.50 (50% off from Hobby Lobby)
Plutonium Spray Paint: leftover from old project!

DIY painted vaseIf you want to buy this spray paint, you can order it from Red Posie’s website.
They even have free shipping right now!
This one can lasted me the book case and vase projects!

plutonium spray paint tin vase