Kitchen Industrial Shelving

kitchen shelving unit

A couple months ago I showed you this awkward space in our kitchen where the cabinets just seem to stop, leaving us with a 4ft wide bare gap. I tried filling it with artwork but it still seemed pretty empty and bland. I hope to someday fill this space with a wine fridge and built […]

20 Amazing DIY Life Hacks

20 DIY life hacks

I’m sure you’ve all seen “life hacks” before… little words of wisdom and sheer genius ideas spread across the world wide web in photo form. Seriously some awesome tips and tricks out there! Well Ben sends me these almost daily and I thought I should finally share the love with y’all, right? So here’s my absolute favorite 20 […]

$100 Ace Hardware Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

ace hardware gift card

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Yesterday I showed you guys the new Superhero Toy Box I made for a little boy’s bedroom using an awesomely electric blue color called Keeping Suzi at Bay from the OPI palette by Clark+Kensington available exclusively at The Paint Studio. There’s three different color palettes available from this partnership, including The Artist, The […]

Superhero Toy Box

superhero toy box

One of my close friends is having a baby boy any day now. For her shower gift, she asked me to paint this old little table so she could use it as a toy box in the baby’s new room. The theme? SUPERHERO. Oh yeah, challenge accepted. The first thing I did was tape off […]

First Day of 1st Grade

ellie school favorites

It’s official. I have a 1st grader.  And not any old first grader. But a toothless one. School officially started this past Wednesday. Luckily Ellie let me walk her to the classroom to snap some pics. I’m gonna miss the day when she’s too old for that. And of course we snapped a bunch of photos at home before school. […]

How We Paid off $20,000 in Credit Card Debt


Thanks to Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider program for sponsoring this post and inspiring us to make a positive change in our lives! I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile. I don’t talk money a lot around here… actually most people don’t like to talk about money. But paying off credit card debt is a […]