Weekend Project: Basement Workshop

One of my requests in our new home was to have my very own workshop. A place where I could build, paint, and everything else DIY. And I had the perfect place in mind… the little build out in our basement right below our hearth room.

basement workshop spaceThis place was perfect: a large window with lots of natural light and just a few steps away from the backyard. So I headed out to my local Ace Hardware and gathered my supplies to build my dream workshop bench and pegboard wall.

basement workshop bench ace hardwareMy plan was to build a 12ft long bench made out of three pieces of 2x4ft plywood from my local Ace. I also made sure that the workshop bench had plenty of support throughout since it would be holding heavy equipment like my Craftsman compound miter saw.

build a basement workshop benchI also added extra support to the legs.

basement work shop benchI then screwed the peg board into the studs on our basement wall and used some hooks to hang some of our tools.

basement work shopI’m still waiting to get the rest of our tools out of storage from the move, but it’s definitely starting to look like my dream workshop.

basement workshop peg boardI love how all of the tools are within an arm’s reach…

basement workshop pegboardAnd the organization of my screws and nails has me squealing on the inside!

basement workshop organizationI also have my sawhorses ready for future projects…

basement workshop ideasAnd of course a place to keep my paints. Instead of having to trek everything to the garage when I’m working on a project, now I can just spread out on the basement floor and get to work. No worries here about paint on the floor… it’s my workshop. Messes will happen.

basement paint storage

basement organizationI was amazed at how fast we actually built this table and got everything organized. I have so many projects coming down the pike for the new house like moldings and trim work, so it makes me happy to have my creative space in place.

basement work shop bench

work shop bench

workshop bench construction

basement workshop benchNow I just need to get the rest of my tools and paints at the new house. Looks a little bare right now, but trust me… that won’t last for long!

basement workshop

So, what did you guys do over the weekend?
Tackle any big projects?

basement workshop weekend project




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Disclosure: I am an Ace Hardware DIY Blog Team Member and was provided with an Ace Hardware gift card to purchase items for my project.  I was also compensated for my time to use the products.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Cleaning Out the Basement

With all of the improvements we’ve been making around the house recently, some major items have just been ignored. The biggest space we’ve failed to observe? The dreaded basement.

Wow is all I can say. I’m not a hoarder by any means (I threw out my wedding dress the day after I got married), but I seem to accumulate furniture, toys and holiday decorations faster than I can get rid of them.

And I mean, who doesn’t have a chaise sitting in the middle of their basement?

So it was finally time to straighten up and get our act together. Last Saturday I picked up a Bagster from Lowe’s for about $30 since we couldn’t afford a large dumpster.

All of the big, nice items went to a local charity while the trash went to the Bagster. Pick up was only $109 for our area. Well worth it to have a clean space.

Cause here’s what our basement looks like now…

Yeah, kinda forgot we had a ping pong table under all that mess…

All of my Christmas decorations are neatly stored away in plastic bins.

I also got plastic bins for all of my daughter’s old clothes. 11 large bins and 2 double-wide bins. Yeah, that’s a lot of clothes, especially for a kid who is only 4 (plus there’s another one in her closet). Let’s just say Grandma likes to shop.

Huge improvement thus far. Still some things I don’t quite need, but I’m going to let my sister dig through the furniture & decor when she moves back to St. Louis.

So, all it took was one Saturday afternoon (about 4 hours total) to clean the entire basement. Whew. Glad it’s done.

Is there any project you’ve been putting on hold due to anxiety?
C’mon, can’t be much worse than this!