5 Minute Lamp Shade Makeover

A couple months ago I purchased this little navy (actually almost like a denim) lamp and shade for our great room. It went on a little side table between our couch and one of the chairs. I loved the color, but it was just… normal. So over the weekend I decided to give it a bit of glam.

great room navy lamp shadeAnd of course almost every crafting project begins with burlap.
Luckily I had a roll in my craft room waiting for me.

burlap lamp shade accentI hot glued a strip around the lamp shade. I didn’t hot glue the top and bottom all the way around since I didn’t want the burlap to tug too much. Just a spot here and there did the trick.

burlap accent on lamp shadeNow to add a little pizzazz. I have a collection of embellishment flowers. Like a BIG collection. For some reason I’m just drawn to them, probably since I know the flowers can easily be added to anything… like a vase or a monogrammed hair bow holder

accent flower embellishmentsFor this project I chose a gold glittery sunflower since my great room has lots of pops of gold. A bunch of hot glue did the trick to hold it in place. And don’t judge my hot glue gun. It gets used… a lot. Can you tell?

updating a lamp shade on the cheapSo here we are, 5 minutes later. With a transformed lamp shade.

updated crafty lamp shade

lamp shade makeoverAnd you can barely see the burlap seam on the back of the lamp shade.

lamp shade make over

burlap lamp shade makeover

easy lamp shade makeover 




Burlap and Twine Wrapped Foam Balls

Well hello again! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything due to my time at the Snap Conference. But now I’m back and completely recharged and ready to show you guys some fun new projects, like this one… Burlap and Twine Wrapped Foam Balls!

burlap and twine wrapped foam ballsIn my swag bag from Snap I received a multi-pack of foam balls and knew exactly what I wanted to make as soon as I spotted them. I grabbed the rest of my supplies:

  • Burlap (I used two different colors)
  • Twine
  • Greenery pins
  • Scissors
  • Wire basket (I found mine from Micheal’s)

burlap and twine wrapped ballsThe burlap I had on-hand was about 3 inches wide. Since this project is easier to complete with thinner pieces, I trimmed the burlap in half with a pair of scissors.

burlap and twine balls

burlap twine wrapped styrofoam ballsThen I wrapped the burlap around the foam balls and pinned in place with a greenery pin. I added a little bit of twine for some extra texture. I varied how much twine I wrapped around each ball, and then did some mini balls wrapped only in twine. And here’s the final result…

burlap and twine wrapped styrofoam balls

burlap twine wrapped balls from how to nest for less

twine and burlap balls

twine and burlap wrapped ballsSeriously… EASIEST. PROJECT. EVER.

burlap and twine wrapped foam ballsLater this week I’ll be sharing some little tidbits of my Snap Conference experience.
Stay tuned!