Christmas 2014 Recap

While I’m finishing up some fun projects this week, today I thought I’d share a couple quick pics from Christmas.

It was truly a magical year for us. You’ll hear a little more on the “magic” part later, but for now some photos this adorable kid. Side note: I’m going to put her in a fancy Christmas dress for as long as she’ll let me. I’m sorry, I feel like it’s my motherly duty.

ellie christmasIs it weird that she’s on the front porch in a sleeveless dress and we live in St. Louis? Yeah, the kiddos even played baseball outside. Not really missing the whole White Christmas weather…

outside christmasSo Christmas Eve we spent the evening at Ben’s aunt’s house. And as you can see, Ellie couldn’t make the 45 minute drive home after playing with her 20 cousins on that side of the family.

ellie sleeping in carLuckily she slept in until 7:30 on Christmas morning. I feel so bad for those parents that wake up at around 5am. No way. Not gonna happen in this house. Mama needs her sleep.

christmas morningWell Ellie told me her favorite gift from Santa was her new keyboard for her bedroom stage.

christmasBut her overall favorite gift was from us… that little bit of Christmas “magic” I was telling you about.

So Ellie is obsessed with anything Harry Potter right now. She was Hermione for Halloween and requested a bunch of Harry Potter items for Christmas. Well we’ve been wanting to plan a family vacation for a couple years now. We’ve really never been on a vacation with just the 3 of us.

ellie hermioneSo on Christmas morning Ellie received her letter from Hogwarts
(or the Wizardly World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios for us Muggles).

christmas presentsThis is where being a graphic designer really comes in handy. I whipped up the fake letter in Photoshop and had it printed poster size at Walgreens. You can read it better below (I changed the date of our departure, we’re not in Florida now!).

letter to HogwartsLet’s just say she freaked out… like a lot.

I also had an old friend’s girlfriend paint a pair of shoes for Ellie in the Harry Potter theme. Check out aTOMic Designs on Facebook to see more of her creations.

ellie harry potter shoesAfter presents we headed over to my parents’ house on Christmas afternoon. We have a couple of traditions, like playing table hockey. This sits in my parents’ family room from Thanksgiving to Christmas every single year. As you can see, we like to teach them young.

christmas hockey tableI wish I had some better photos to show you, but I hate taking away from these special moments when I’m focused too much around my camera. One thing I’m bummed about is that I didn’t get to grab a photo of us 3 together and the only photo I have of Ellie and me is from my iPhone. Oh well, there’s always New Year’s, right?

ellie and mommy

I hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Can you believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve already?
This year flew by!




Last Minute Christmas Wreath

I really debated whether or not to post about this. It’s one of those projects that doesn’t take a lot of effort or skill. But then I was thinking, maybe they haven’t done this before? It kinda feels like cheating in my book to do something this simple, but when Christmas is only 10 days away you’ll pretty much do anything.

So here’s my last minute Christmas wreath for under $20.

last minute christmas wreathMy secret?

I only bought 2 supplies, both 50% off at Michaels this week.
A flocked wreath ($10) and a little Santa chalkboard sign ($7.50).

Yep, a new wreath for basically $17.50 plus tax.

christmas wreath ideaFirst thing I did was personalize the sign with a chalkboard marker (I got a whole set of these markers on Amazon last year, they’re simply awesome). On a side note, I stink at calligraphy or detailed lettering. I just don’t have a fine hand (even though I’m an artist by trade). So with lettering  I usually stick with dotted capital letters. At least it looks like I put forth a little effort.

personalized DIY christmas wreathNow for the easy part. The sign for your wreath will have a little hook or loop for hanging. I use that to secure the sign to the wreath. If your sign doesn’t have one of these, drill a hole in the sides of the sign (like I did on my Cardinals baseball wreath).

christmas wreath ideasI used some green wiring to secure the loop to the black wire base of the wreath form.

christmas wreath last minute idea

And that’s it.
I’m serious. It took me all of 10 minutes.

last minute christmas wreath ideaNo one will ever know it took you longer to pick out what to wear this morning than the time you spent making this wreath.

DIY personalized christmas wreathI would show you more of my Christmas front porch except I didn’t do one single thing to the outside of our home this holiday season… well, with the exception of this wreath. After my Christmas kitchen, family room, and sun room I was done for the season. Plus it really wasn’t in the budget for this year. But my plan is to hit up the clearance aisles right after Christmas and grab some goodies for 80% off! How about you?

last minute christmas wreath