My Craft Room Makeover

craft room makeover final

I’ve kinda been secretly working on an overhaul to my craft room. I know, crazy right? But I really needed something functional: lots of workspace and lots of storage. If you could add in a place for my kiddo to watch TV or play with her toys, or a place for my hubby to work on […]

And the Organizing Continues: Scrapbook Paper Pencil Holders

scrapbook paper office cups

Yeah, I know this ain’t brain surgery… or anything you haven’t seen before. But it’s 5 days before Christmas and my mojo is out the window. So yesterday I posted my newly organized craft room/home office. Now it’s time to add another finishing touch to add some color to the room. I spotted these paper […]

Old Window Shutter Necklace Holder

craft room shutter necklace holder detail

There’s a wonderful little antique and home decor shop called Willow Lake right up the road from my house. While grazing through their shop last month, I spotted a beautifully distressed green shutter for only $15. It’s been sitting aside for the past couple of weeks while I’ve been working on my home office/craft room transformation […]

Yellow Stenciled Wall for My New Home Office/Craft Room

yellow stencil home office craft room

So I’ve been slowly transforming our old playroom into a home office/craft room. Here’s what it looked like before… Toys everywhere, a large dresser filled with off-season clothes, outdated drapes and chair rail border… yeah, desperately in need of a makeover. The first step in transforming my new space: painting the walls yellow! I chose […]