Bringing the Beach Home: Seashell Wreath

My family finally got home from our Florida vacation late Saturday night and I already miss our lazy days at the beach. To remember our times in Panama City, I thought I would create something out of the seashells my daughter collected.

So first up is a mini seashell wreath to hang on my fireplace just below my mantel! I actually have to give a shout out to my friend Holli. She found a picture of a cool seashell wreath in a magazine, snapped a photo with her cell phone and emailed it to me. LOVE IT! Some people just know me so well :)

For the base of the wreath, I found a miniature grapevine version at the Dollar Store. I chose the 8 inch wreath since I usually use the same size with my Fall and Christmas decorations. It fits perfectly and adds some interest to the gray brick on the fireplace. I also picked up some polka dot gold and white ribbon from the Dollar Store.

I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath as a base for my seashells. I figured it would be easier to glue the shells to a smooth surface, plus I’d rather have the ribbon show when the seashells don’t cover all of the surface area.

Next I laid out the shells to get an idea of the composition. Once I had the desired location for the seashells, I hot glued them around the wreath.

I used some leftover ribbon to use for hanging the newly decorated wreath. And she’s done!

Ain’t she purdy? Here’s another shot against my red kitchen wall. The white shells really pop in this shot!

Now I have the perfect Florida vacation souvenir that we can display every summer!

Show Some Spirit: Mizzou Football Wreath

While at a local grocery store last week, I noticed a curly ribbon wreath out of the corner of my eye. It was extremely cute: a birthday themed decoration with shades of pink, purple, yellow and green. I would have picked it up, but the price tag said $30. Not too shabby, but I thought I could save some cash and make one myself. Plus this way I get to personalize it! So with the upcoming football season right around the corner, I thought a cool take on this project would be a Mizzou Tigers curly ribbon wreath.

Pretty cute, huh? So here’s how I created my sporty door wreath…

I first spotted some ribbon at WalMart in black and gold. $2 each for the large spools. While walking up and down the craft aisles looking for ideas, I found some painted wooden football decals. $1 each! Perfect find for this project!

My next stop was Michael’s. I purchased 4 inch wooden letters to spell out M-I-Z-Z-O-U and it cost me $6 total. While at Michael’s I also found an 18 inch wooden craft wreath for $3 and Scribbles 3D paint in gold and black for $1.50 each.

First step was to paint the craft wreath with Rustoleum’s flat black spray paint and the wooden letters with Rustoleum’s flat white spray paint. Once the paint was dry on the letters, I used the Scribbles 3D paint to create gold and black polka dots.

This next step was the most time consuming: cutting and curling the ribbon. I cut the gold and black ribbon in 6 inch lengths and grouped them in bundles with 4 ribbons of each color. Then I stapled the ribbons together in the middle of the group and curled both ends with a pair of scissors. I bet I had to make near 100 bundles of ribbon! The 18 inch craft wreath I bought had a pretty big area I needed to cover!

Once I was finished curling all of the ribbon, I used my handy dandy hot glue gun to stick the ribbons onto the craft wreath. I filled in spaces as needed, but tried to cover as much as possible so none of the black craft wreath showed through.

Next I laid out my MIZZOU letters and footballs until I found my perfect composition. Then I used my hot glue gun and secured them in place.

VOILA! It’s complete and totally unique! I love it and can’t wait for football season to start! Hmm… now I think I’ll have to make one if the STL Cardinals make it into the playoffs :)

curly ribbon football wreath