Craft Room Makeover Reveal

It’s done, it’s finally done. Almost 11 months in the making and my craft room is finally complete. Come on, let’s take a tour of my new creative space…

striped craft room makeoverWhile the rest of my house has a lot of darker blue and gold tones, I wanted my craft room design to be bright and cheerful. I thought it would be fun to have a pink striped accent wall, something girly. To scale it back a bit I added some DIY picture frame moldings for under $30.

new craft room makeoverAnother idea to keep the costs low in this room was to recycle the framed peg boards from my craft room in the old house. These boards really help me stay organized and cost next to nothing to make (the 4x8ft peg board was $18 and a package of peg board hooks from Lowe’s or Ace Hardware was under $10).

craft room peg board organization

craft room organizationOn the adjacent wall is a white dresser that I use to hide a bunch of craft supplies.

craft room makeoverSix huge drawers to fill with goodies. Someday soon I’ll give you a peek inside those drawers. You know… once I organize all of the things I just shoved inside.

craft room makeover designI use a lot of mason jars for organization throughout my craft room to hold paint brushes, craft scissors, pens, pencils, etc. I also keep some craft books and design magazines around for inspiration.

craft room organizationIn between the door to the room and walk in closet door is a small sewing desk.

craft room makeover sewing deskThis old sewing desk actually belonged to my aunt’s mother back in the day. I gave it a chalk paint makeover in the old house and it’s held up wonderfully. Still love the yellow peeking through.

craft room sewing desk makeoverThe top is just filled with random everyday items I use. I love the mirror above because it reflects the pink stripes from the opposite wall.

craft room striped makeoverThe last wall is mainly just a large double window with my no sew curtains. Still obsessed with this print from the Online Fabric Store and the natural light that floods in from this window.

craft room floral drapesThe craft room desk is from Home Decorator’s Collection and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I love how it’s collapsable and is so easy to extend when I’m working on a big project.

And it’s on wheels which makes it easy to scoot around the room. Although that’s kind of why I opted for a smaller 5.3 x 7.5′ area rug from Amazon for only $55. I didn’t want the craft table to get stuck on the rug and cause it to ripple.

craft room makeover with craft tableWhen the craft table is fully extended it’s 60 inches long. LOTS of creative space. Plus there’s a ruler on the side, perfect for measuring fabric.

craft room craft tableAnd like I said my peg boards and tools are just above my desk within an arm’s reach, just staring at me to get crafty. I think they know Christmas season is right around the corner and I need to get busy.

craft room peg boardsWell, that’s it for colorful craft room tour!
I hope you enjoyed it!

new craft room makeover

I guess it’s on to the next room in the house.
Hmmm…. the dining room or the master bedroom?

Decisions, decisions.

new craft room makeover

DIY Barn Door Desk {Guest Post from Cleverly Inspired}

Hey everyone. I’m going to be unexpectedly out this week. I’ve asked some of my bloggy friends to fill in for me with some fabulous projects while I’m out. Please give them some LOVE and I’ll be back next Monday!

Please welcome Tracie from Cleverly Inspired!

barn door desk

There once was a girl..and a guy…who were completely in love with the design of a particular desk…but were not willing to shell out $680 for it…


source (Restoration Hardware)

So…they set out on a journey to create their own…very unique desk…for a whole lot less….Story of our lives ;)barn door desk

On a recent trip to a local antique mall…I spotted this old, heavy, solid wood barn door. (the lighting was poor inside the shop…the color is more true on the right side) It spoke to me…”take me home, make me into something useful again…” And so I did. I tried to pick it up…and almost fell on top of it. Super heavy. So I did what most good wives do…I left it where it was and called in my honey to pick it up on his way home from work. So we had our desk top (for $25 !!) …now I needed to find the legs.


I went to another favorite spot…Architectural Salvage and I found these fabulous old railings. They were the perfect age, color and style. All they needed was a good cleaning up…and cut to length. The railings were $4 a foot and we bought 2 that were 7 feet long. About $60 for 4 legs….not bad. If you happen to go there…all the old wood and trim is on the 3rd floor…they are happy to show you where it is…the place is large!

We brought them home and cut them to 28 inches (the top was about 2 inches wide…then about 1/4 inch for glass) So the finished desk height is 30 1/4 high. The railings are 4 inches wide…which provides enough stability on their own for the heavy barn door top. If you were to use a narrow post for your legs…you would want to secure to a frame first.


We were lucky that the railings fit into the miter saw to give us a nice clean and even cut.


Measure twice…cut once :) (I was listening Dad:)


Here is what it looked like not screwed together yet. We were so pumped it was level right out of the gate! Score!! Oh…and I had originally thought to use the front of the door for the top…my friend Brittany said she like the character of the back of the door…so I tried that first and loved it. I am so glad you can see the cross braces of the door on the top.


We decided to put the desk together upstairs in the office. Dude is heavy…We placed felt on the bottom of the legs to prevent damage to the floor. We measured and stood up all the legs where we thought they would look best and be stable. We lifted the door on top and re-measured…making sure they door was in the center in comparison to the legs.

barn door desk1

We predrilled the holes so that our long screws would be countersunk into the top. This way the glass top would lay flat. The screws were secured to the top of the legs. 2 screws into each leg.


A piece of glass was cut to fit the top. (Kentucky mirror and glass) The piece of glass is 3/4 inched polished edge and was $70. Isn’t the back of the desk so cool!?!? You can see where the spindles were on these old railing parts. Love the character.

barn door desk2

The total cost for our original desk was $155. Not bad…not bad….We are in love with this desk! It goes so nicely with the old desk chair I found. This room is really becoming a favorite. It gets lovely light during the day…a nice little escape.



I have totally desk envy now…:) But my honey deserves it!

Just a few finishing touches…and I will show you all that we have done in this space.