Making It Work with a Bit of Paint

I’ve been needing something new to put above my accent table in the kitchen that I purchased at Pier 1 a couple of months ago. I recently had a canvas painting of some fruit, but I’m really trying to phase out that theme in my kitchen (it’s a little outdated!).

During a recent trip to HomeGoods with my sister-in-law, I noticed this cool metal leaf motif in the clearance aisle. Only $8! The problem: it’s a rusty red color. The wall I wanted to hang it on is red as well and wouldn’t really pop the way I wanted it to. So, what to do? Paint it of course!

I purchased a can of Rustoleum flat white spray paint and put one coat on the entire metal motif.

When it was all dry, I decided to take some sand paper and give it a rustic feel. I lightly sanded sporadically over the  entire wall hanging, heavier in some spots to really expose the original rust color. I absolutely love the final look!

Final costs: $8 for the metal leaf wall decor and $4 for the Rustoleum white spray paint. $12 for decor that fits my style!

Damask Stencil Wall for Daughters Bedroom

Just recently I redecorated my daughter’s bedroom from its prior hot pink princess look and feel to a more serene setting with shades of blue, green and rose.

As blogged here, I’ve finished most of the redesign, I now just have a couple of finishing touches.

First task on my list, the accent wall that just seemed a little bland. With a little bit of internet searching, I decided to stencil the back light blue wall with a silver damask to spruce it up a bit.

I ordered one from Cutting Edge Stencils, a source I found online, and chose the Verde Damask. This stencil measures 17 inches wide and 22 inches tall, just the perfect size to cover her 10x10ft back wall.

I bought some silver acrylic paint from Michaels on clearance for $2.99 and watered it down a bit to it would have a translucent effect. I purchased a large sponge brush from Lowe’s (only $6) to apply the paint. You can actually use a roller brush, but I just felt like I had more control with something handheld.

I practiced my technique on a sample board first which I highly suggest to get your color combination right and to get comfortable with the stencil. Once I was content with my sample board, I started with the left hand side of the wall, about 2/3 of the way up (I decided on this strategy since I knew I had shadow boxes that would be placed on the wall at a certain height). I taped the stencil with blue painter’s tape and applied my first coat with a stencil sponge.

I peeled up the stencil every so often just to check that I was using the right pressure. I wanted a subtle effect, but needed to make sure it was even across the stencil.

When I was finished with the first round, I let it dry for a couple of minutes then I slowly peeled up the painter’s tape. The stencil has built in guides to lay the next piece so you can’t mess up the alignment.

The whole process when very smoothly! It only took me about 4 hours to complete the entire room, but mostly because this was my first time stenciling and I was going quite slow to make sure I wouldn’t mess up! I let the paint dry for 2 hours then moved back the furniture. It looks great! And I love how the light reflects off the metallic silver from the window and ceiling lights.

So the total cost of this project: $46 for the wall stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils with shipping (get 20% off when you use the promo code SPRING), $6 for the paint and $6 for the paintbrush. Under $60 total!



Ellie bedroom makeover


girls bedroom makeover