Easter Fabric Scrap Chair Ties

If you saw my Easter kitchen décor post on Monday, you may have noticed the fabric scrap chair ties. They were seriously my favorite part of this mini holiday makeover, plus they basically cost me only $6 to create!

easter decorations kitchenAll I needed for this project was some twine, fabric scraps, and some Command Brand mini hooks.

fabric scrap chair tiesNow normally I purchase a yard each of different colored fabrics for my scraps, but I found this roll of pastel colors on clearance from JoAnn’s so I had to scoop it up. Luckily I already had the twine and hooks on hand from previous projects.

easter fabric scrap chair tiesTo prep the fabric I cut each color in half, then in half again. Next I measured the backs of my 4 kitchen stools for the width of each piece of twine.

There were 10 colors total in the fabric scrap roll so I just tied them onto the twine in a pattern using 2 sets for each chair (20 ties total).

easter scrap fabric chair tiesI tied a little loop onto the end of each twine piece and secured it to the back of the chairs with mini Command Brand hooks.

easter chair ties fabric scrapSuper easy project that I did while sitting on the couch watching TV. Plus it didn’t break the bank. Gotta love those projects!

easter decorations kitchen

kitchen easter chair decorationsMore fun Easter projects still to come next week!
Stay tuned.


How to Make No Sew Curtains

When I first started shopping for my craft room curtain panels, I couldn’t find anything in the stores that totally wooed me. I found TONS of amazingly colorful, vibrant fabrics online, but well… I don’t know how to sew and was a little terrified of the process.

So while I’ve never actually tried no-sew curtains before, I wanted to take that risk. I mean, how hard could it be to wing it? Apparently not very, cause I feel like I nailed it. And aaaah, I’m in love. Now let me show you how I got my no-sew groove on…

how to make no sew curtain panelsFirst of all, I want to thank everyone that voted for this Braemore Gorgeous Petal Fabric last month. It’s so dreamy in person! And thick. Awesomely enough I didn’t have to line these curtains due to that fact.

So first thing I did was measure and cut (2) curtain panels at 100 inches each. The ceiling is 8ft tall (96 inches) but I needed room for a clean “hemline” so I added 4 inches on the top and bottom, minus the 4 inches that the curtains would hang down from the ceiling.

96 inch floor-to-ceiling length – 4 inch rod hang down + 8 inches for hems
= 100 inch panels lengths each

no sew curtains with heat bondSo my secret for these no sew curtains? Heat n Bond iron-on adhesive. I only needed (2) ten yard rolls to complete the project too.

no sew curtains for craft roomTo prepare for the Heat n Bond, I first ironed a one inch seam on the side edges of the curtain panels.

heat n bond no sew curtainsThen I laid a strip of the Heat n Bond on top of the seam paper side up. I ironed it for 2 seconds so it adhered the fabric, then peeled off the paper.

no sew curtain tutorialI then folded over the fabric again to create a clean backside seam as seen below, and ironed into place for 8 seconds on both sides of the fabric.

make no sew curtainsOnce the sides were completed, I used the same strategy for the top and bottom hemline, except I made the sections a bit thicker (I thought it just looked more professional looking!).

no sew curtains with heat n bondThe toughest part is making sure your measurements are done correctly, especially with hanging the curtains a few inches off the ceiling on the rod. I was pretty spot-on with mine, but if you want you can finish the sides and top, hang on the rod, then pin the bottom seam before you use the Heat n Bond.

Still impressed with myself that I created these
beautiful no sew curtains in one evening!

how to make no sew curtain panelsAnd did I mention how much I LOVE this fabric?
Ellie actually cried when she found out these were for my craft room and not her bedroom. Mother of the Year here. Well, I guess I foresee another no sew curtain project in my near future for that little ladybug.

braemore gorgous petal fabric curtainsI should mention that since I didn’t put a curtain rod pocket I had to use ring clips. That’s OK. I’m a huge fan of these puppies anyway. Adds a bit of glamour to the space, if I do say so myself.

how to make no sew curtains

no sew curtains with iron adhesiveNext on my craft room to do list is paint the stripes on the left wall and add some chair rail and picture frame moldings. Then hang things on the wall, find a rug, recover some chairs and I’m DONE!

craft room floral drapes

how to make no sew curtain panels

A huge thanks to the Online Fabric Store who provided the fabric.
All opinions are 100% my own.