Fall Decorating on a Budget

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s officially September which basically means I can decorate the house for Fall and not feel guilty about it! I know the actual start of the season isn’t for a couple weeks, but I’ve been itching to get some color in my house, and of course while trying to “nest for less”. I mixed some of my old favorites plus a bunch of new amazing finds from Dollar General and came up with this…

fall home decorations family roomAh, don’t you just LOVE the colors of Fall? And all of my new purchases I got for under $50!

fall home affordable decorationsI picked up this wicker basket and fake flowers from Dollar General, plus the cute little scarecrow pick.

fall home decorations dollar generalI actually grabbed 3 of those Fall picks since they were $1 each. Great addition to any centerpiece! I put the other 2 in little flower vases on my end table next to my leather chair with my newest favorite addition… Fall decorated pillows.

fall home decor flowered pillowsThese are actually just plain cream colored pillows that I decked out with $1 Fall flowers from Dollar General. The huge flowers already had alligator clips on the back of them so I just attached to the pillows. LOVE!

fall decor family room dollar generalThe couch is now filled with beautiful orange pillows that I borrowed from my guest bedroom makeover, and the addition of the gray and orange patterned pillow that I scored for $8 from Dollar General. Yeah, crazy price.

fall home decor pillowsThe magazine driftwood table that sits next to the couch also got a little love, plus some adorable wire and burlap pumpkins from Dollar General for $3 each.

fall decor pumpkins

fall decor family roomAnd I even spruced up the door that leads to our back patio with the Fall wreath I made last year.

fall home decor wreathI had enough supplies leftover from my Dollar General shopping spree to fill my breakfast room vase with some flowers and surround it with mini pumpkins and pine cones. Hello beautiful.

fall centerpiece pumpkins flowers

fall home decorations family roomOverall my hearth room is completely ready for Fall… and on a budget no less. Can you believe what it looked like just a week ago? WOW, just amazing what some pops of color can do!

hearth room makeover revealSo have you started decorating for Fall yet?
Are you a September 1st girl like me, 
or do you wait for the actual start of the season?


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Fall Burlap and Flower Wreath

The last week of August is totally a legit time to bring up the Fall decorations from the basement, right? I know it’s 105 degrees outside but I just can’t help myself.

Well while digging through the basement boxes I noticed I needed a new wreath for our front door (I somehow lost our old one in the move). So here’s my first Fall craft, just in time for Labor Day weekend HA!

fall flower and burlap wreathThis wreath was SUPER EASY to make. Trust me.

  • Fake flowers
  • Straw wreath still in the plastic
  • Greenery pins
  • Roll of burlap
  • Fall ribbon


fall burlap flower wreath suppliesFirst thing I did was cover the straw wreath that was still in the plastic with a quick layer of burlap. I used greenery pins to keep in place.

burlap fall wreathNext come the cheap fake flowers. And here one of my secrets in making flowered wreaths… Separate the flowers from the stems. Then you then have the hole where the stem once fit inside the flower. Stick one side of a greenery pin through the flower hole and attach to the wreath. So much better than trying to hot glue!

burlap flower fall wreathAnd in no time your wreath will look like this!

flower burlap fall wreathNext I added the burlap. For this part I did not cut pieces; it’s just one long stream from the roll. I just twisted and bunched, then pinned in place every so often. You really can’t mess this part up, I promise. Just stand back every minute or so to check your work.

burlap fall flower wreathThe last thing I did was make a huge bow out of ribbon.  I’m not going to give you instructions on this since I’m not an expert, but I do find that mixing thick wire ribbon and a piece of thin ribbon together look pretty fancy.

fall burlap flower wreathAnd that’s it!
I bet this entire wreath took me less than 30 minutes.

fall flower and burlap wreathNow it’s time to start working on adding some Fall bling to my hearth room, then my front porch. LOTS of Fall projects coming down the pike! This might be the most wonderful time of the year in my book!

fall flower burlap wreath

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