Our New Home: The Flooring Discussion

So we’re in the process of picking out flooring for the new home. When I first starting designing my dream kitchen, it included things like white cabinets, light countertops, stainless steel appliances, and dark hardwood flooring.

dream white kitchenBut now I’m getting nervous…

Why? Because I’m not one of those moms that can mop the floor three times a day after each meal. Or even after breakfast and dinner when we’re actually home I guess.

I’ve heard darker flooring shows everything.
Like every little spec.

Uh yeah, I couldn’t handle that. I have to honestly admit that in our old home I swept the floor maybe once or twice a week. I don’t have a crawler and we’re not that messy of eaters.

But I’m afraid the new dark expresso flooring could show everything. And that would drive me crazy.

But of course I still want something dark to contrast with the cabinets, countertops and appliances. Last week I found some upgraded vinyl that kind of looks like slate. LOVE the look, and the price was nice (we need this to cover the kitchen, breakfast room, hearth room, laundry room, back hall and powder room).

upgraded slate vinyl flooringI’m not completely sold on vinyl again, but we could always upgrade down the road. And I would still be getting the dark contrast, but I’m hoping that the lighter shades mixed in would help hide any lingering crumbs.

Now for the foyer and dining room I’m actually thinking of sticking with a darker hardwood flooring. I figure these rooms have much less traffic on a daily basis, mostly since we’ll be entering through the garage door at the kitchen when it’s just us. Plus an area rug is always an option for both spaces.

foyerWe stuck with actual hardwood here. No laminates or engineered. I though there would be a huge price difference, but I was quite surprised. Some laminates were actually more expensive than real hardwood. And some upgraded vinyls were more expensive than hardwood. Who knew?

Oh, and I have to mention that there are some amazing vinyls out there. We found about 50 different options that looked like hardwood flooring (like we had in our old kitchen, only way better with wider planks, actual texture and not-so-easy-to-tell patterns).

picking out flooring for a new homeAs for the formal living room, family room and all bedrooms we’re sticking with carpet. I have mixed emotions about this as well, especially the formal living room and family room. But alas, I’m not made of money and had to cut certain things. They say when buying a new home…

Stick to structural.
You can upgrade everything else later.

This is oftentimes a hard lesson since you want to move in and have absolute perfection. Yeah, not gonna happen here. This house will be a dream-home-in-progess. And I’m ok with that.

So, what are your thoughts on flooring?

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your dark flooring?
Do you like carpet or hardwood in family living spaces?
Do you despise vinyl?

How to Install FLOR Carpet Tiles {craft room makeover}

Yesterday I revealed my Craft Room makeover and I’m so elated to have the room complete and ready to use! One of my favorite parts of the room makeover is the new Flor® carpet tiles we installed… ourselves!

We used to have plain old carpeting in this extra bedroom, but through the years it’s become worn out and stained (mostly from the exercise equipment that left oil marks everywhere).

It was time to upgrade to something new, but I wanted something exciting and fun! Then I thought of Flor® carpet tiles. It would be a fun way to add a pattern and color to the room!

Each Flor tile is 19.7 x 19.7 inches square. They have tons of colors and plushness to choose from. I used their FLORbuilder Design Tool to layout the composition of the Flor tiles I selected.

The boxes arrived in a few short days. They actually label which one to open first!

Inside I found some directions and Flor dots (I’ll get to those in a bit!).

You need a hard smooth surface for your Flor tiles so my hubby and I started our installation by ripping up our old carpet and padding.

Make sure you cut an even line across the carpeting and padding at the doorway where your old carpet will meet your new Flor tiles.

We also had to remove all staples and the nail strip around the perimeter of the room. Helpful tip: use a crowbar to easily pry up the tack strip.

Sweep up any dust & dirt and you’re ready to begin laying down your new carpet tiles. I laid out my pattern, but did not adhere anything to the floor yet. I just wanted to get every measured and the Flor tiles cut to fit.

To cut any tiles, just flip the tile over and use a metal straight edge and utility knife. Just two or three swipes with the knife and it was trimmed. Super simple!

Once you have all of your Flor carpet tiles in your desired pattern, you can start adding your Flor dots. Just put the Flor dots sticky side up and the carpet goes right on top. Love this since the sticky stuff will be attached to the carpet, not to the floor below.

Place a Flor dot in the corner of 4 carpet tiles, or put halfway in the middle to connect 2 carpet tiles. No glue or nails needed; the carpet actually will not shift or budge… I promise!

To fix the doorway where the carpet meets the new Flor tiles, I added a metal carpet plate. Just use a hacksaw to trim to size, nail it in place and you’re good to go!

So here’s before the furniture…


The entire process of tearing up our old carpet, removing all the staples & tacks plus installing the Flor carpet tiles was about 6 hours. Not bad at all! Plus once my hubby helped me rip up all the carpeting, I did the rest myself (cut the carpet tiles, laid the pattern and adhered with Flor dots).

I have to say… I AM IN LOVE! I love the look, and if my 4 year old spills something, they’re easy enough to peel up and clean (or replace entirely if necessary).

One last note: we did not have to remove our baseboards during this process. The Flor tiles fit perfectly underneath and did not leave a gap. If you try Flor tiles though, you might need to remove your baseboards and reinstall after the flooring is down!

Pretty cute, huh? And if you don’t want to do an entire room in Flor carpet tiles, you can also create an area rug! There are tons of color selections and even patterns. I’m thinking I should create an area rug for my kitchen next!

See the entire craft room makeover by clicking here.

How to Nest for Less received no payment or other compensation for the review of Flor® carpet tiles other than the actual product to review. All opinions are my own.