Spring Maintenance Tips + Ace Hardware Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday everyone! It was a busy weekend, mostly filled with Spring cleaning and little tasks around the outside of the house now that the weather is starting to turn. Since we’re gearing up for the warmer weather, I thought today I would share some Spring maintenance reminders… plus give you guys the chance to win a $100 gift card from Ace Hardware to help with YOUR Spring maintenance checklist!

1. Check seals around your windows and doors.
Now that the little critters are starting to make an appearance outdoors, it’s time to protect that they don’t come indoors! Check your caulk around the windows and add any weather stripping to your front door as needed.

2. Clean your gutters.
Especially if you live near a lot of trees, check your gutters for debris. Look for any signs of bending or damage as well.

3. Change your furnace filter.
Especially with the pending allergy season, change your furnace filters on your HVAC. Plus dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demand. I change mine every season, too. Helps cut down on the dust

filtrete filters

4. Inspect your roof.
I know a bunch of you got tons of snow this past winter. The build up of leaves and debris combined with heavy ice or snow can really cause a lot of damage to your gutters, which could potentially cause water leaks inside your home. Clean them out before the next big storm so the water can drain freely.

5. Power wash the house, deck & patio.
Now that you’ll be spending more time outdoors, it’s time to get the exterior in tip top shape. I always give a good cleaning to our siding and deck/patio with our AR Blue Clean 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer that I purchased from Ace Hardware. I also tackled my garage floor… the salt and dirt build up from the winter was disgusting!

power washer review

6. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
I always replace the batteries in my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year, usually in Spring and Fall. Also, if you replace one battery, go ahead and change all of them out throughout your home even if they’re not beeping. Better to be safe than sorry.

7. Prepare your lawn.
Besides planting new bushes, flowers, and trees for Spring, it’s also smart to tackle other projects around the yard. Make sure fertilizing and seeding is on the top of your list if needed! Also cut back and trim all vegetation and overgrown bushes. We also like to spray Roundup Poison Ivy Plus Tough Brush Killer from Ace Hardware to clean up the backyard.

roundup poison ivy killer8. Check your foundation.
Every season we check our foundation for cracks. It’s much cheaper to fix a small crack than to let something snowball. I suggest having a professional help with the repairs. To permanently patch the crack we used carbon fiber mesh. It only cost $300 to fix 3 large cracks and then they all passed our house inspection when we sold it. The carbon fiber mesh will not stretch or bend over time thus making it perfect for reinforcing concrete walls.

9. Check interior caulking.
I always check the caulk around my countertops, tub, shower, and pipes around this time of year. With the change of the seasons you might notice it more. Check out my tip for how to caulk like a pro, too!

how to caulk a backsplash

10. General home spring cleaning.
Yeah yeah, the part that we all REALLY hate. Spring really is the best time though to open those windows, let in some fresh air, and get to work scrubbing the house from top to bottom! I even made a cute little checklist that you can hang on the fridge and mark things off as you go. Get the full printable HERE.

spring cleaning list

So, what else is on YOUR spring maintenance to do list?
Maybe I can make it easier to tackle your list?

Well today one lucky winner will receive a $100 gift card to Ace Hardware.

Just leave a comment below telling me which Spring Maintenance project
you’d like to tackle with the help of Ace Hardware!

small country house

Winner will be chosen one week from today.

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Lulukuku Vinyl Wall Decals Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday I showed you guys Ellie’s updated bedroom. The girl had a vision of a flower garden and I feel like it totally came to life! One of my favorite additions to the room was the vinyl wall decals from Lulukuku.

Ellies flower bedroomWhen Lulukuku first approached me to do a product review/giveaway for their wall decals I was a little apprehensive. In a past life I worked for a company that designed and produced vinyl decals. I’ve tested all types of vinyls and removeable stickers. In fact one of the products we tested was for Ellie’s nursery in the old house.

So after a couple days of thinking it over, I told Lulukuku I would give them a shot but insisted to them it would have to be a 100% honest review. It could be really good or really bad for them ;)

Luckily it’s really good because I LOVE THEM! Their product is fantastic and since the installation a couple months ago they’ve held up wonderfully!

vinyl sticker wall decalsOK, now for the tutorial… First step is to plan out the size and design of your new wall decals.

The most tedious part of this process is peeling the vinyl stickers away from the backing and keeping it stuck to the transfer paper.


So once you have the vinyl on the transfer tape without the white backing you’re ready to install it on your wall!

vinyl wall sticker decalsWhat’s nice about Lulukuku’s transfer tape is that it’s clear. I’ve worked with brands before where they use a solid transfer tape. Makes it near impossible to see where you’re sticking it on the wall!

So place the transfer tape & vinyl on the wall in position. Press firmly into place. The transfer tape is sticky so it will stay in place on the wall as well as the vinyl, very helpful! Next run a hard edge across the top of the transfer tape, like a ruler or small book.

kids wall decalsThen slowly start to peel back the transfer tape. If you didn’t press down hard enough the vinyl will bubble up a bit. Just take your time and go back to smooth out if needed.

nursery vinyl wall decalsFor large areas, I like to slice up the vinyl decals and apply a little bit at a time. Makes it much easier to work with!

flower bedroom stickersPretty cool, right? And I love how easy they are to remove. Great for a nursery when you only want to keep a theme for a year or two, or for apartment dwellers!

flower girls bedroom stickers

vinyl flowers kids bedroom

Ellies flower bedroomOk, so who wants to win a FREE vinyl decal from Lulukuku?

You can choose any decal set you like from the Lulukuku website and if you choose a set under $50, you can have two of them! Plus FREE SHIPPING!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced one week from today!

Make sure you check out all of Lulukuku’s amazing wall decals.
Their IKEA hack vinyls are simply amazing!!

greek-key-before-after-1024x844And my niece has the tree shelves.
LOVE these!


 how to install wall decals