DIY Wall Organizer + Shelf

One of my favorite additions to the blue and coral bedroom is the DIY Wall Organizer + Shelf. This is basically a place for all of her art supplies and crafts, sitting right above her toy bins.

DIY wall shelf organizer tutorialI actually got this idea from U-Create. I’ve had this pinned for about 3 years and have been meaning to make it for a very long time. I figured this bedroom makeover was the perfect chance to cross this Pinterest project off my to do list.

blue and coral bedroomSUPPLIES:

  • (4) 6ft 1×4 boards
  • (1) 6ft 2×4 board
  • saw
  • tape measurer
  • 2 inch wood screws
  • paint

DIY wall organizer shelfDIRECTIONS:
Mark your 1x4s at 36 inch lengths. Cut 6 total (or adjust if you want a wider shelf system).

Lay your 6 boards out and measure the width. You’ll then want to measure for your 3 cross boards. Mine ended up being 21 inches, but make sure you measure exact as all 1x4s are not equal!

diy wall organizer shelf systemThe photo above shows the FRONT of the wall organizer. To attach your cross boards you’ll want to do so from the underside or BACK of the wall organizer. This way your screws won’t show.

wall shelf organizerOnce all 3 cross boards are screwed in place it’s time to measure and cut the 2×4. You’ll need (2) pieces at 21 inches, or the same width that you cut the 1×4 cross boards.

kids wall shelf organizerYou’ll also need to cut for the support triangle wedges, but I recommend holding into place and measuring since they will not be clean 45 degree angles (the 1×4 board that is supporting the shelf causes this weirder angle).

kids wall shelf and organizerAgain you’ll want to screw in the 2×4 shelves and the support wedges from the back side so the screws don’t show. And at this point your wall + shelf organizer should look like this…

wall shelf kids roomTotally crushing on it, right?
Next comes the fun part. Paint!
I gave the entire thing two coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint.

white wall shelf and organizerNow for how to hang it… I decided to add D-rings to the back of the wall organizer.

DIY wall organizerSuper simple. Just measure equally on each side and screw the D-rings into place. Then to attach to your wall, find studs or use some big drywall anchors & screws (trust me, this baby is heavy).

wall shelf organizerAnd tada… your new best friend.
Seriously, you’ll want to make like 10 of these.

DIY wall shelf organizerEllie is obsessed with art supplies right now so I grabbed some little pails from Target to hold her pencils, markers, and crayons. There’s also her journal that she loves to color in.

wall organizer unitThe top shelf holds some Playdoh and a cute little framed chalkboard sign. Then all of this sits above her toy organizer, book rack, and the little vase I made for her.

blue and coral bedroom

wall shelf DIY project

DIY wall shelfI’m completely digging this though. And it feel oh-so-good to be building things again, even if it’s minor projects until I can build another basement workshop in the new house. I think about two more months… we’re getting close!


DIY wall shelf organizer tutorial

Blue and Coral Kids Bedroom

Well I finally finished Ellie’s “temporary” bedroom at my brother’s house. It’s actually been a lot of fun working on this space since I’ve been doing lots of DIY projects along the way. So get ready for photo overload and the tour of this blue and coral kid’s room…

coral blue girl bedroomThe first thing I found for this bedroom was the bedding at HomeGoods for $40. Total score and I love how it reverses to plain blue and white (if my brother can’t stand the coral after we move out, hah).

coral and blue girl beddingAnd the accent pillow that came with the bedding actually set the tone for the IKEA Rast dresser makeover I showed you guys a couple weeks ago.

ikea rast dresser makeoverOn top of the nightstand I gave Ellie’s little white lamp shade a little makeover. I’m a big fan of adding some minor touches that really make a room come together.

coral and blue girls bedroom

blue and coral girl bedroomAbove the bed I added some paper pinwheels that I picked up from Michael’s for $10 (the pack of 7 was on sale for 50% off that week). I just nailed them to the wall in the center of each pinwheel. Love this because it takes up a huge chunk of the wall and was super affordable. Definitely using this idea again in the future!

blue and pink bedroom

pink and blue bedroomThe room is pretty small (only about 10x11ft) so we couldn’t fit a lot of furniture in here, but I wanted Ellie to have a space for her toys and art supplies.

blue and coral bedroomWe brought this little 6-cube organizer from the old house and just purchased 2 new blue bins (we already had the tan ones from before).

coral and blue bedroomSitting on top are some other little craft projects, including the book rack I showed you guys a couple weeks ago and a newly painted tin vase.

pink and blue DIY bedroomThen hanging above the toy storage is a new wall organizer and shelf that we made. This is mainly for Ellie’s art supplies: crayons, markers, pencils, and a little notebook that she can scribble in.

DIY wall shelf

DIY wall shelfFinally sitting next to the toy area is a newly painted rocking chair for Ellie to sit and read her little heart out. This kid gobbles up books and pretty much carries one with her at all times… even on 5 minutes car drives. Love that.

blue and pink girly bedroom

Bedding – $40 HomeGoods
Polka Dot Sheets – $20 HomeGoods
Nightstand – $35 IKEA
Wall Paper Pinwheels – $10 Michaels
Rocking Chair – $10 Goodwill
Accent Pillow – $20 Target
Tin Vase – $3 HomeGoods clearance rack
Book Rack – $5 Goodwill
White Milk Jugs – $4 from Hobby Lobby clearance rack
White Frames – $20 HomeGoods
White Flowers – $16 HomeGoods
Blue Fabric Cube Organizer Bins – $14 Amazon
95 inch Blue Curtain Panels – $21 for the pair Amazon
White Lamp – $20 Target
DIY Wall Organizer – under $20 Ace Hardware
Clark+Kensington Paint (Of The Wind Blue) – Ace Hardware

So well under $300 for the entire makeover!
Not to shabby for a room that was 100% empty before.
coral blue girl bedroomI’ll be following up this post with some of the DIY projects for this room in the coming days, including the wall organizer & shelving tutorial. Stay tuned!

coral and blue kids bedroom