Plutonium Spray Paint Book Rack

Since we’re living in my brother’s house right now I’m trying to be as organized as possible in the limited space we have. Ellie’s bedroom definitely comes to mind. So last week I found this little magazine rack for $5 and thought it would be fun to upcycle as a place to hold her books.

plutonium spray paint projectFor this project I decided to try out a new spray paint brand, Plutonium Paint. This was another paint I purchased while on my supply run to Red Posie a couple weeks ago.

plutonium spray paint motownWith this spray paint you can switch out the caps so it sprays from really wide to thin detailed lines. Also it dries in 3 to 5 minutes so you can flip your project over and not spend half of the day literally watching paint dry.

plutonium_procaps_back_1080x700And I didn’t even prime the magazine rack. Just went ahead and covered the thing in the bright blue color called Motown to match her new bedroom. No dripping either. This spray paint went on super smooth.

Afterwards I took the book rack back inside and added some details, a little crystal trim that I purchased from Michael’s and then hot glued some blue flowers onto the sides.

upcycled magazine rack

plutonium paint magazine rackPretty cute, right? Not too shabby for a $5 find.

motown plutonium spray paint book rackSeriously crushing on the color.

plutonium spray paint DIY project

upcycled magazine rackIf you want to buy this spray paint, you can order it from Red Posie’s website. They even have free shipping right now! This can of Motown blue will probably last me for 3 small projects (yeah, it covers really well).

And you can see little hints of Ellie’s temporary bedroom in the photo below. I’m getting close to unveiling this one too. Next week I’ll share her IKEA dresser hack!



Lulukuku Vinyl Wall Decals Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday I showed you guys Ellie’s updated bedroom. The girl had a vision of a flower garden and I feel like it totally came to life! One of my favorite additions to the room was the vinyl wall decals from Lulukuku.

Ellies flower bedroomWhen Lulukuku first approached me to do a product review/giveaway for their wall decals I was a little apprehensive. In a past life I worked for a company that designed and produced vinyl decals. I’ve tested all types of vinyls and removeable stickers. In fact one of the products we tested was for Ellie’s nursery in the old house.

So after a couple days of thinking it over, I told Lulukuku I would give them a shot but insisted to them it would have to be a 100% honest review. It could be really good or really bad for them ;)

Luckily it’s really good because I LOVE THEM! Their product is fantastic and since the installation a couple months ago they’ve held up wonderfully!

vinyl sticker wall decalsOK, now for the tutorial… First step is to plan out the size and design of your new wall decals.

The most tedious part of this process is peeling the vinyl stickers away from the backing and keeping it stuck to the transfer paper.


So once you have the vinyl on the transfer tape without the white backing you’re ready to install it on your wall!

vinyl wall sticker decalsWhat’s nice about Lulukuku’s transfer tape is that it’s clear. I’ve worked with brands before where they use a solid transfer tape. Makes it near impossible to see where you’re sticking it on the wall!

So place the transfer tape & vinyl on the wall in position. Press firmly into place. The transfer tape is sticky so it will stay in place on the wall as well as the vinyl, very helpful! Next run a hard edge across the top of the transfer tape, like a ruler or small book.

kids wall decalsThen slowly start to peel back the transfer tape. If you didn’t press down hard enough the vinyl will bubble up a bit. Just take your time and go back to smooth out if needed.

nursery vinyl wall decalsFor large areas, I like to slice up the vinyl decals and apply a little bit at a time. Makes it much easier to work with!

flower bedroom stickersPretty cool, right? And I love how easy they are to remove. Great for a nursery when you only want to keep a theme for a year or two, or for apartment dwellers!

flower girls bedroom stickers

vinyl flowers kids bedroom

Ellies flower bedroomOk, so who wants to win a FREE vinyl decal from Lulukuku?

You can choose any decal set you like from the Lulukuku website and if you choose a set under $50, you can have two of them! Plus FREE SHIPPING!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced one week from today!

Make sure you check out all of Lulukuku’s amazing wall decals.
Their IKEA hack vinyls are simply amazing!!

greek-key-before-after-1024x844And my niece has the tree shelves.
LOVE these!


 how to install wall decals