Monogram Hair Bow Holder

We threw one of my good friends a couple’s baby shower over the weekend. One thing that simply amazed me? Every single girl handmade a gift for the expecting mama… and it wasn’t planned! Yeah, bloggers and Pinterest definitely inspire people these days!

Well one of my gifts for the mom-to-be was a Monogram Hair Bow Holder for her baby girl. Super easy to create and customize to fit any nursery decor!

monogram bow holderMaterials needed:

  • monogram letter
  • scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge and foam brush
  • exacto knife
  • wood plaque
  • ribbon
  • flower embellishment
  • drill
  • hot glue or e6000

monogram bow holder suppliesSo to get started I covered the letter in Mod Podge and stuck it to my gray chevron scrapbook paper.

monogram bow holder mod podgeNext I trimmed around the edge using an exacto knife. Great for getting in those little crevices… just make sure the blade is sharp.

monogram bow holder trimThen I trimmed four long pieces of ribbon and hot glued them to the back of the monogram letter. 

monogram bow holder ribbonOnto the next step… I painted the wood plaque white and drilled two small holes in the top (you’ll see why later). Then I used e6000 glue to adhere the monogram letter to the white plaque. 

monogram girl bow holdersOnce that dried I cut another piece of ribbon and tied it through the drilled holes of the plaque for hanging.

monogram bow holder girlAnd of course I had to add a little flower for a pop of color and some bling!

monogram girl bow holderAnd then the hair bow holder is ready to hang!

monogram bow holderNice personalized gift that you can create in any color scheme. Great for a baby shower present, birthday present for a little girl you know, or just your own kid’s bedroom!

monogram girl bow holder

monogram bow holder tutorial

Upgrading the House… well, Dollhouse.

I found this little plain white dollhouse at my local Goodwill for $5. I snatched it up in hopes of doing something cool with it for my little girl. See the photo? Yeah, taken in my old craft room… from a year ago. Yep, let’s just say I procrastinate with the best of them.

play dollhouse for kidsWell since this has been sitting in our garage since the big move, my kid has noticed it everyday. And said something about it every single day. So over the weekend we finally decided to tackle the dollhouse.

I took her up to Michael’s and let her pick out some scrapbook paper. Then we simply trimmed it to size and used some Mod Podge to adhere it into place. 

mod podge scrapbook paper on dollhouseNext I used this little tool that came with my vinyl kit to smooth out the scrapbook paper onto the wood.

scrapbook paper in dollhouseWe used a brick pattern for the exterior and a burlap pattern for the roof. We even found a little picket fence piece to add to the outside of the home to give it a bit of character. 

dollhouse for girlAnd then time to fill with some of her goodies!

scrapbook paper covered dollhouseThis kid has such an odd collection of little mismatched characters…. I love it.
But at least they now have a home.

little dollhouse goodwill find

dollhouse for little girl

revamped dollhouse

And she’s absolutely in love with it!
Best part? Dollhouse was $5 and scrapbook paper was less than $10 for everything.
Quite the makeover… even though it only took me a year to complete.

scrapbook paper covered dollhouse

So, do you have a project on your to do list that you’re procrastinating on?
Anything sitting around for a year? Maybe longer?