Kitchen Mini Makeover

So while we’ve been staying at my bachelor brother’s house, I’ve been trying to do some minor updates to his home. One of the areas I really wanted to tackle was the kitchen, but on a budget.

Our goal was three things: backsplash, faucet with pull out spout, and a microwave above the stove to create more countertop space. Here’s the before…

kitchen mini makeover before

And here’s what it looks like with the mini makeover…

mini kitchen makeoverI have to say, it’s amazing what a backsplash can do for a space!

Now in our last home we installed a ceramic white subway tile backsplash in our kitchen, but in my brother’s house we decided to go with a temporary version… a peel and stick option from Smart Tiles. We did this for a couple reasons, mostly because he might be switching from laminate to a hard surface countertop plus we wanted to stick to a budget.

smart tiles backsplash tutorialSupplies you’ll need for the backsplash:

  • Smart Tiles or any self adhesive wall tile
  • Utility knife
  • Metal ruler or straight edge
  • Level
  • Cutting mat

You’ll want to start with an inside corner and work your way out from both sides. Cut the first tile straight so you have an flush starting point in the corner. Use the level to make sure everything is even.

smart tiles kitchen backsplashThen continue on overlapping the grout lines, trimming out areas for outlets with the utility knife or scissors. Hold up the tiles in place first to make sure it will fit properly before taking off the backing. Once you take off the backing, press firmly into place (I used the back side of a spoon to help).

smart tiles backsplash kitchenThen you’ll start on the second row above your first. This second row will require a lot more trimming of each piece than the first row since you’ll want it to perfectly fit underneath your cabinets. Also make sure you take your time around windows and light switches (measure twice, cut once).

And pretty soon your kitchen will look like this…

mini kitchen makeoverWe were actually quite impressed with the look and feel of this self adhesive tile, not to mention the ease of installation. I completely installed this in one evening all by myself (took me about 4 hours total).

kitchen mini makeover ideas

kitchen makeover on a budget

smart tiles backsplash

mini kitchen makeoverAs you can see, the other big additions to the kitchen were the above-the-stove microwave and the new pull out spout kitchen faucet. You can get more details on how to install a faucet here.

kitchen makeover smart tiles

mini kitchen makeover smart tiles microwave + faucet + backsplash = 1 awesome mini makeover

Overall I’m super happy with the before and after mini kitchen makeover. It’s simply amazing what some simple updates can do!

kitchen mini makeover before and afterThe Smart Tiles were purchased from Joss and Main, but I think you can get them online from other sources. Check Wayfair as well, they often have sales on this product plus tons of other color options.


Breakfast Room + House Flow

I think this is the last post I have with photos/projects from the old house, crazy. But I guess we’ve been out of the house now for a month already so it’s time to move on.

So I showed you guys my butler’s pantry a few months back, but it didn’t really give you guys a wide angle shot of our breakfast room and a peek into how the house really flowed. Today I thought I would give you that glimpse into our “old” home. 

painted butlers pantryI absolutely loved the table in our old breakfast room. I purchased it from Value City Furniture when we first moved into this home. It was extremely cheap, but very sturdy. Plus the table extended to 108 inches which I totally loved for entertaining. Let’s just hope this baby fits in the new house.

butler's pantry breakfast roomThe end chairs are from World Market and unfortunately WM no longer sells them. I know, bummer. The chairs were my first major purchase for the last place and the charcoal blue color actually set the tone for the entire house.

breakfast room chairsThe breakfast room opened up to our bright white kitchen. My favorite part of that space? The huge kitchen island that comfortably fit 4 chairs. 

butlers pantry breakfast roomAnd I have to admit, we only used our breakfast room a handful of times. 99% of meals were at the kitchen island with Ben & Ellie sitting and me standing on the other side (yeah, I  know there were 2 other chairs available, but for some reason I like to stand when I eat. Anyone else?).

white kitchen subway tileMy kitchen command center was next to our pantry, coat closet, and the small hallway that lead to our laundry room and powder room. Yeah, it annoyed me how many doors were just around that corner. And I had always planned to make a platter wall rack on that bare wall to the left of the fridge. Never got around to that one. Whoops.

kitchen tour planning centerFrom the kitchen you stare into the sun room and family room. It was kind of weird having 2 large sitting room-type areas right next to each other (and the formal living room was around the corner). No one needs that many places to sit… well, unless you’re the Duggar family.

sun room breakfast room view

sun room makeoverAnd while I did love the sun room and staring out into our woods, the family room was where we spent most of our time.

family roomHere you can see how it looks back to the breakfast room and kitchen area.

family room kitchen makeover

family room makeoverThe family room opened up to our entryway foyer. Still love that blue front door; might need to implement that in the next house as well.

entry foyer makeoverThe French doors to the left lead to our living room, and across the hall (kind of behind that cream buffet wall) was our dining room. Still notice a lot of blue, don’t you? I told you those breakfast room chairs set the color scheme for my house.

dining room makeoverSo I did love the flow of our last home, but it was too big for us. Great for entertaining, but a pain to clean for a family of 3. And I definitely learned that you don’t have to buy a big house to be happy. We’re excited to downsize and get that cozy feeling back.

Now if they would just start building the next house…
We’re next on the list to dig the hole for our foundation. Yes, finally.

new homesiteI have SO MUCH to show you guys in the next two weeks:

newly painted nightstands
• OPI paint project
my first Plutonium spray paint project
an IKEA hack dresser

Can you tell it’s painting season for me?