St. Patrick’s Day Kitchen

Yeah I know it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet, but I decided to skip over that holiday and get the house ready for St. Patrick’s Day instead. I’m not huge on decorating for each individual holiday, but our white kitchen sometimes screams for some pops of color.

So here’s what it looks like with a little kiss of the Irish…

st patricks day kitchenOne of my favorite new additions to the space is my burlap and ribbon chair ties. So easy to do and didn’t cost much to make a big impact!

st patricks day chair covers

st patricks day chair coversOur center island is now home to a happy orange and green bouquet of flowers, plus a little boxwood and of course some yummy green apples.

kitchen st pattys day decorI normally don’t keep a lot on my countertops since I have the metal shelving that keeps most of my items within an arm’s reach.

kitchen decorations st patricks dayOn the shelving I added just a little DIY shamrock banner.

shamrock st patricks day bannerThen on the countertops I framed one of my free St. Patrick’s Day printables and set it aside some beautiful orange roses.

st patricks day free printableI also Mod Podged some torn scrapbook paper onto a paper mache letter for our last name. And of course next to it sits an orange bowl of candy. If you’ve read my kitchen posts before, you know I always keep bowls of candy on the counters.

st patricks day decorations

st patricks day kitchen decorAround the sink area I added a little bit of color with some orange flowers in a small pitcher.

st patricks day kitchenI also found this cute little leprechaun a couple years ago. He seems to find his way into my décor every year. I mean how could he not with those adorable rosy cheeks?

st pattys day kitchenI also found this new little Irishman at Michael’s this year. It’s crazy… I apparently misplaced a big box of St. Patrick’s Day decorations during our move into the new home. I’ve given up hope of finding it so I did buy a couple new things this year, including him.

st pattys day decorations

kitchen st patricks day decorAnd the last touch of St. Patrick’s Day I added to our kitchen was some polka dot ribbon on our lanterns that was leftover from the chair ties.

st patricks day decorations

st patricks day kitchenThis week I’ll show you how I made the scrapbook paper letter
and the shamrock banner so stay tuned!

So, do you guys decorate for every little holiday?
Or do you only deck the halls for Christmas?

kitchen st patricks day decorations

5 Kitchen Areas to Disinfect Everyday

The kitchen is the most used room in our home. Whether we’re eating a meal, doing homework, prepping lunch boxes, having family meetings, or just grabbing a quick snack, it’s our highest traffic area in the house.

It’s also the room that I have to clean most often. But you don’t have to clean your kitchen from top to bottom every single day. Here’s the 5 areas I clean constantly though…

5 kitchen areas to clean everyday

1. The countertops.
This one is a no-brainer. You prep your food on this surface, plus lots of hands cross this space. I clean this area several times a day, especially before and after preparing a meal. Just warm water and soap works fine. Depending on your countertop surface, consider looking into cleaning supplies specifically made for your kind of countertop.

And remember, if your countertops look clean, your entire kitchen looks clean.

Woman cleaning the counter  in the kitchen2. The sink.
Your sink can serve as a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. Hot water just isn’t enough to clean this space. Try a solution of bleach and water once a day and then letting the solution run down the drain. Keep a mixture in a spray bottle under your sink!

To help keep bacteria to a minimum, immediately put your dirty dishes in your dishwasher. But what if it’s full? Take the 5 minutes it takes to empty it! Honestly, time yourself. It doesn’t take half as long as you really think it does (good tip for your kids too that whine every time you ask them to empty it!).

Wilsonart Carrara Santorini with HD sink3. Handles to the refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher.
Whether it’s little kids or you after preparing dinner, the handles in your kitchen can be a breeding ground for bacteria as well. Try using a combination detergent/disinfectant that both cleans and kills germs (plus it will cut back on time and money). If you’re in a hurry, try pre-packaged sanitizer cloths to save time.

4. The kitchen floor.
I know this is probably the most annoying part of your kitchen to clean daily, but it will keep away the critters and pests. You don’t want roaches or mice in your home, right? I use a little hand vacuum around our kitchen island and breakfast bar, the areas that attract the most crumbs throughout the day.

favorite kitchen mopI also keep a mop with a washable microfiber wet/dry cloth nearby and some floor cleaner in a squirt bottle. I just squirt and mop, takes less than 5 minutes to sanitize the kitchen floors. You will then only need to deep clean your floors once a week.

Just remember to clean the kitchen floors last. You don’t want to wipe the crumbs off your countertops onto your freshly mopped floors.

5. The trash cans.
Half the time my kiddo misses the trashcan completely and her dinner scraps are down the side of the can. Pretty gross stuff. So after I clean the kitchen countertops with each meal, I will take the same cleaner and give a quick wipe down to our trash can and recycling can.

If your trashcan is inside a cabinet, definitely make sure you wipe down the wood as well. Acid from fruits and juices can eat away at your cabinet stain or paint.

Girl Recycling Kitchen Waste In Bin A couple other disinfecting tips:

  • Run your sponges through the dishwasher to sanitize them.
  • Use paper towels instead of dish towels to cut down on the bacteria.
  • Wear gloves if you’re cleaning with a lot of bleach in the kitchen.
  • Wipe out your microwave with a paper towel after each use.
  • Look for cutting boards that are dishwasher safe.
  • Use soap and water to wipe out your refrigerator once a month.

Alright, now give me YOUR
best kitchen cleaning 
tips and tricks!

kitchen areas to clean everyday