Living Room Makeover

I hope you guys had a Happy Mother’s Day! I enjoyed a nice weekend of shopping, painting, and hanging out with my family…. just what I asked for!

So before we put the house on the market I decided to paint and stage the last few empty rooms in our home. This included our dining room, laundry room, and now living room.

This room is right off our front entry way door (remember the one that I painted?). I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this space, basically just paint and some key décor pieces from the basement).
entry foyer to living roomThe first thing I did to this room was paint it Bottlenose Dolphin from the Clark+Kensington line at Ace Hardware. Yeah, I think I overused this color just a tad bit in the old place: front door, butler’s pantry, sun room… but when you have an extra gallon of paint in your utility closet, you use it.

living room makeoverThe furniture in this room is actually my old couch and chair from our family room. Basically they were the worst purchase ever and starting sagging right away. Plus you couldn’t flip the cushions. I didn’t know that before we bought since I purchased them online. Big mistake. Huge.

So we purchased new couches for the family room and used this furniture in the living room (the other chair was used in my master bedroom makeover).

living room gallery wallThe couch and matching chairs will actually get a nice new home in a couple months. My sister is building three doors down from us and needed some furniture for her family room. She loved the nailhead trim and with 2 boys under 2, she thought this would be plenty good for now.

living room nail head trimAcross from the couch is a large window looking out to the front yard. I found some beautiful curtain panels from Bed Bath and Beyond that tied in the blue gray color from the walls and the cream from the couches.

living room curtain panelsAnd that fireplace? Well it’s fake. I think I’ve mentioned that before and there is a story behind it.

living room fake fireplace

A couple months back my parents purchased a new dining room set. My brother, who was building a new home at the time, asked if he could have the old set. Well since his house was under construction and still had about 4 months until it was move in ready, my parents asked if they could store the dining room furniture at our house until then. I thought, why not? My dining room is empty (at the time) and it will at least fill the room for now.

So the movers come on a Friday afternoon and bring in the dining room set. I said thanks and just as I was about to shut the door they said “wait a sec… where do you want the fireplace?”

Uh… what?
I said there had to be a mistake.

But the movers said they picked up a dining room set AND a fake fireplace for delivery to my house. I was so confused that I just told them to throw it in the living room (which was also empty at the time).

As so after the movers left, I called my mom. Umm… why did the movers deliver your huge fake fireplace to my house?

My mom’s response: Well, I didn’t want it anymore and the movers were here and willing to take it on the truck. Plus you’re really crafty. You’ll find something to do with it.

Sigh. Thanks mom.

So while I never got to do anything cool to it, at least I designed around it before we sold our home. People that toured our place actually asked if it was real. As soon as they knocked on the “brick”, they quickly realized it was hollow.

But the fireplace does have a happy ending. When we had a small garage sale before we moved, some nice older couple wanted to buy it. When the asked the price, Ben said FREE! and I’ll even load it for you! Ha. Guessing he wasn’t a fan.

So I like to think now that this fireplace has found a happy home. Maybe it was painted white, or maybe it’s flanked buy some amazing bookshelves. Maybe there’s a huge 60 inch TV hanging above it in a man cave. All I know now is next time my mom tries to have something delivered to my house, I just say NO. Unless it’s a Louis Vuitton purse. Then YES, heck yes.

living room makeover

Living Room Wine Cabinet Built Ins

Do you ever dream of something in your head for your home and then the outcome is even better than you expected? Yeah, that just happened to me. Except it wasn’t for my house, it was for my parents. Even better in my book.

So I’ve mentioned before that almost every Sunday my family gets together for dinner at my parents house (and not forced to attend, we actually enjoy it!). I’m one of 4 kids and there’s 4 grandkids including Ellie. My parents realize that when the grandkids get older it might get hard to carry on this tradition due to soccer and softball games on the weekends so we’re enjoying this family time while we can.

Well my parents were running out of room in their dining room to seat everyone comfortably so to make room my mom wanted to remove her china cabinet and buffet. The only problem? Where to put her massive collection of dishes (there’s a theme for every occasion… Mardi Gras, fish themed plates, like 4 sets of dishes for Christmas… yeah, A LOT).

So my mom asked me to sketch out a wall unit for her adjacent living room wall. Something that could hold all of her dinnerware, but also help store their growing wine collection.  And here’s what I came up with…wine cabinet built ins sketchIn the sketch the 4 bottom cabinets provide lots of storage, plus a drawer above each for silverware and misc accessories like napkins and serving utensils. The bottom middle of the built ins in my sketch featured two wine refrigerators.

On the top I had some wine holders for their red wine on either side next to additional cabinets, then stemware storage through the top middle of the built ins.

OK, the final construction varied slightly from my quick sketch, but I’m oh-so-happy with the final outcome. If you don’t remember the old living room, here’s a little reminder:

mom's living room tour


living room wine storage wall unitYes, that is the same wall.
It doesn’t even feel like the same house anymore.
In a good way of course.

built in wine cabinetsYou might not even be able to notice some of the small changes to my sketch. Basically we removed one of the fridges from the bottom row to make room for more cabinets. Then we switched out the cabinets from the upper section for just plain shelving. And it still left plenty of room for their barware…

wine cabinet built inAnd we also made the wine racks a bit bigger to store more bottles, and topped it all with heavy roped crown molding.

wine cabinet wall unit built insThen we were also able to put lighting throughout the entire top of the wine cabinet built ins, not just in the middle like our original plan.

wine cabinet built insThe drawers are super deep and hold a lot of… er, stuff. My mom goes all out on accessories like individual gravy boats and appetizer spoons. Yeah, I didn’t get that gene from her.

dining room built in drawersShe also has an entire drawer dedicated to paper appetizer napkins.
Hoarder? Maybe. Adorable? Yes.

living room built in drawers

built in wine cabinetsSomeday I’ll show you the reconfigured dining room, but for now I’ll just let you drool over this last photo of their amazing wine cabinet built ins.

living room wine storage wall unit