Brother’s Bedroom Mood Board

Now that I have completed the guest bedroom, Ellie’s temporary bedroom, and the kitchen in my brother’s house, it’s time to start working on his master bedroom. Yeah, I’m basically the best sister ever.

So since he’s a single guy, I wanted to keep this space neutral. No fluff, just classic design elements.

I went shopping a couple weeks ago for his new bedding and fell in love with this brown and gray paisley design from Pottery Barn (the Joli Paisley Duvet).

img100cAs you know I love to make mood boards before I go forward with the design. It helps me picture paint colors, textiles, and furniture and how well it will all work together. While these pieces in the mood board may not be the exact items I use, they at least give me a starting point.

Brian master bedroom mood boardThis is actually the exact furniture my brother already owns. I’m thinking dark gray walls, pulling one of the shades from the bedding. Then I hope to accent the room with bronze tones, more grays, and some pops of green throughout (especially in the wall art and décor).

functional gray sw paint swatchFor the wall color I’m looking at Functional Gray again. You might remember I used this in my master bedroom and master bathroom in the old house. Actually, a lot of this design feels like my old room. Hey, if it aint’ broke, don’t fix it. Right?

So I hope to have this makeover done in about two weeks. Trying to get it crossed off my to do list before we move into the new house! Yeah, I guess painting is on my to do list for this weekend…

Brian master bedroom mood board


Guest Bedroom Mood Board + Paint

Well now that Ellie’s temporary bedroom is officially complete, it’s time to start working on my brother’s guest bedroom, AKA my temporary bedroom (and Ben’s I guess).

A couple weeks ago I showed you guys some nightstands I painted for the space, but I’m now ready to start working on the rest of the room. Here’s what I have in mind…GUEST BEDROOMNothing too crazy in this room since it’s small, about 10 x 11ft. I knew one of the biggest moves I wanted to make in this room would be the wall color, and I wanted to go outside my comfort zone. Then I remembered a paint sample of the OPI color palette from Ace Hardware I had from my painted striped box I made last month. The color I was thinking of was called Do You Take Lei Away, a light clay color.

guest bedroom paint ace hardwareI tested a little spot in the guest bedroom… kinda pinkish I first thought. But when it dried it was actually really gorgeous. So I went out and bought an entire gallon. I mean why not, it’s only paint right?

testing ace hardware paint colorAnd pretty soon the entire room was filled with this amazing color that was bold yet subtle…
does that even make sense?

guest bedroom paint

do you take lei away clark kensington
And the color seemed to work with the color scheme and mood board I created.

guest bedroom paint opi palette

guest bedroom paint colorSo now I need to put the finishing touches on this space. Big plans ahead! I’m actually working with Ace Hardware to get this room completed over the summer. I still have a dresser to paint, more textiles to add, some minor adjustments to my newly painted nightstands, and new lighting. Can’t wait to show you guys the progress!

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