Hand Painted Kids Tennis Shoes

painted white tennis shoesJacquard had recently sent me some fabric paints to try out and I knew that transforming a pair of white canvas sneakers for my precocious little neighbor girl was the perfect project!

jacquard painted kids tennis shoesAnd I only needed a couple of supplies to transform these plain white tennis shoes into something fabulous and fun!

  • White canvas shoes from Kmart (on sale for $8)
  • Jacquard textile paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil
  • Ribbon

kids tennis shoes paintedTo start I removed the original laces and penciled in a quick sketch of what I wanted right onto the shoes with my pencil.

paint kids tennis shoesNext I mixed some white and red Jacquard paint to make a nice hot pink color. I painted the front and back of the shoes staying along the sewn seam.

Now it’s time to add some funky zebra stripes. I just free handed these. Yeah, luckily it’s not too hard to mess up zebra stripes!

painted zebra stripe tennis shoesNext I added some large white hearts on the front of the shoe right on top of the hot pink. I was quite impressed with how well the white covered over the pink. I also added the little girl’s name on just one of the shoes.

painted kids zebra stripe tennis shoesOnce the white hearts dried, I added zebra stripes inside of them too.

painted heart zebra stripe tennis shoesFor a finishing touch I added some zebra striped ribbon for new shoe laces. Now normally you need to set Jacquard paints on fabric with an iron, but since you can’t really iron tennis shoes, I just used a hair dryer set on high for about 30-40 minutes to set the paint.

painted white tennis shoesI mean, seriously… pretty cool to change a plain pair of tennis shoes into something original, fun and funky?

painted girls tennis shoes

painted zebra stripe shoes

zebra stripe painted tennis shoes

painted kids tennis shoesYep, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out! My daughter saw these so of course I had to paint a pair for her as well.

painted hot pink tennis shoesShe wanted something bright and bold with polka dots and crazy colored zebra stripes. And then she asked me if I could make a pair for Valentine’s Day and St. Patty’s Day. Oh boy, I foresee a lot of painting in my future…