Striped Rocking Chair

I wanted to make a cute & cozy little reading corner for Ellie at my brother’s house in her new bedroom since the kid is obsessed with books right now. So a couple weeks ago I sent Ben out on a search to find me the perfect chair to makeover and he found me this…

rocking chair before paintI was surprised; it was actually in really good shape and only $10! It was almost a shame to paint it, but it really didn’t go with the room. So I took out my Zinsser primer and some Plutonium spray paint in Polar white.

plutonium white spray paintI’ve told you before, this Plutonium paint dries super fast… like in under 5 minutes fast. I actually wish I would have skipped the primer and only used the Plutonium since I had to sand after the primer (I hate that bumpy, gritty feeling primer can leave behind).

DIY painted rocking chairOnce the paint dried I grabbed some acrylic paints from Michaels. Light blue, dark blue, and coral colors, plus some white just in case I made any mistakes (cause we all know that happens).

DIY painted rocking chairI started with the dark blue and painted the little knobs on the spindles, every third one. Nothing too neat. Just a quick swipe of the paint brush.

painted rocking chair

And then the coral and light blue to follow…

DIY painted rocking chair project

And in no time it looked like this!

blue and pink girly bedroomFunny to say that the most expensive part of this makeover was the pillow.
$20 from Target.
The chair was only $10, and the paints were less than $3 for all 4 colors.

before and after rocking chair

painted rocking chair DIY

blue and coral bedroom

Now Ellie has a fun little place to sit with her books at night.

striped rocking chair DIY

And if you want to buy this Plutonium spray paint,
you can order it from Red Posie’s website.
They even have free shipping right now!

blue and pink girly bedroom

Plutonium Spray Painted Crystal Vase

So on Monday I showed you guys Ellie’s “temporary” bedroom makeover at my brother’s house, now I’ll be showing you guys some of the fun DIY projects that went along with it! First up… a fun tin vase makeover.

painted tin vaseI actually found this gray tin vase at HomeGoods in the clearance section for $3. I wanted something tall for on top of her toy organizer, but it wasn’t the right color. So in came Plutonium Spray Paint.

plutonium spray painted vaseI used this spray paint for Ellie’s book holder that I showed you guys a couple weeks ago. I truly loved the paint color and had some leftover so decided put it to good use! One quick coat and the vase was covered, dried in about 5 minutes as well. Love this paint.

spray painted plutonium vaseTo match Ellie’s new bedspread I added some crystal circle gemstones from Hobby Lobby.

painted crystal vaseI just kind of spaced them out as I went along, leaving out the center diamond (so it matched her bedspread a little more). Then I just filled the vase with some hot pink and white flowers.

painted tin vase

plutonium painted tin vase

Total cost of project…
Vase: $3
Crystals: $1.50 (50% off from Hobby Lobby)
Plutonium Spray Paint: leftover from old project!

DIY painted vaseIf you want to buy this spray paint, you can order it from Red Posie’s website.
They even have free shipping right now!
This one can lasted me the book case and vase projects!

plutonium spray paint tin vase