Getting my Vintage Shop On

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is go shopping for some vintage finds. Usually my little haven is Historic Main Street in St. Charles just outside of St. Louis, but this time I found something new right up the road from me.

vintage store 7This little place (4 Quarters – Timeless Vintage because 4 sisters run the shop, cute!) was filled with tons of goodies and inspiration that I just had to share. First off… lots of Halloween décor! Loving the fall burlap bunting and the stamped books. Umm.. so clever! The hard covers taken off books and the spines stamped with little sayings like “trick or treat”.

vintage store 4I really, really wanted this large chalkboard. How cute would a playroom be with the vintage desk, chalkboard and math sign?

vintage store 3They also had a bunch of gorgeous furniture, including this brown distressed chest. Simply stunning.

vintage store 5The also had a handpainted black chest.

vintage store 2And one of my favorites, this greenish blue distressed dresser with wood top. Only $99! Might need to go back for this one too…

vintage store 8And how cute would this gray chest look in a little boy’s bedroom? Urgh, seriously need to get back to painting furniture. This is so inspiring!

vintage store 9This store also has paint parties for $39 each each month.
I’m thinking Girls Night Out. Anyone?

vintage store 104 Quarters sells clay-chalk-mineral based paint from the American Paint Company. I’ve never tried this paint before but am interested in getting my hands on it! I’m assuming it’s pretty close to Annie Sloan chalk paint? Anyone tried it before??

vintage store 11I do love the color options, plus they had some type of clear top coat that makes the furniture/paint super durable. Great for the tops of your kitchen tables or end tables. I’m assuming you could also use with ASCP. Only $23. I wonder how long that would last, like how many pieces I could cover with it…

vintage store 1And of course I loved this painted cabinet door. I always admire people that can hand-letter things like this. You would think being a former painter I could totally do this, but my work is more like the style of Van Gogh or Monet… pretty from far away but a hot mess up close, HA!

vintage store 6It’s kinda nice finding these little gems around town. I often get stuck in a rut with the same old surrounding stores like TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, etc. Nice to get back to the fun and inspiring vintage finds, right?

I figure every now and again I’ll show you some of my shopping trips from nearby thrift stores and vintage boutiques. Kind of a behind-the-scenes for how and where I find my goodies. And because everyone likes to look at pretty things, right?

So do you have some amazing vintage stores nearby?
Do you like to mix vintage and traditional like me?

Vintage Handmade Greeting Cards {FREE Printable}

Last Friday I shared with you my Vintage Inspired Pendant Necklaces for the Pass It On Project. I sent my gift off last week to Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts and Cheryl from That’s What Che Said, two incredibly talented ladies!

Now it’s time to share the other park of the gift…

I love getting mail. Not bills or junk mail, but lovely letters from friends and family. I think my grandmother got me hooked. We used to write back and forth often, telling each other about our monthly adventures. Writing letters is actually a lost art these days. So I’m bringing it back “old school”! 

I created 4 different vintage-inspired greeting cards in Photoshop:

  • Birthday Card – “Happy Birthday to You”
  • Thank You Card – “Blessed Beyond Measure”
  • Good News Card – “You Might Wann Sit Down for This One”
  • Congratulations Card – “A Little Birdie Told Me”

I printed them out on card stock and trimmed along the edges (I created a thin stroke around so it was easy to know where to cut!). I also found some envelopes at Target that were a perfect fit for these 3.5 x 5 inch cards.

So, do you want this FREE PRINTABLE?
just click here.

As I mentioned, I would print out on card stock and trim out along the light outer line. Score down the middle before folding for a crisper line. ENJOY!